• Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    ICM contact and email - Find an Agent

    Innovative Artists (Los Angeles) Scott Harris Owner Phone 310-656-0400; Fax 310-656-0456 1505 Tenth St. Santa Monica CA 90401

    "International Creative Management, Inc. - ICM (Los Angeles)" Jeffrey Berg Chairman/CEO Phone 310-550-4000; Fax 310-550-4100 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills CA 90211 "Ed Limato Vice Chairman/Co-President; Richard B. Levy, Esq. COO/General Counsel/Sr. VP; Karen Abrams VP, Human Resources; Greg Arvesen Head, Finance & Accounting; Lori Sale Chief Marketing Officer; David Shane Sr. VP, Corporate Communications; John Burnham Executive VP/Head, Motion Picture Administration, West Coast; Robert Newman Head, Motion Picture Division; Carol Bodie Head, Motion Picture Talent; Hal Sadoff Head, International/Independent Film Division; Brian Bunnin Motion Picture Talent; Carter Cohn Motion Picture Talent; Joe Funicello VP, Motion Picture Talent; Jack Gilardi Executive VP, Motion Picture Talent; Guido Giordano Motion Picture Talent; Chris Hart Motion Picture Talent; Toni Howard Executive VP, Motion Picture Talent; Richard Konigsberg Motion Picture Talent; Martha Luttrell Sr. VP, Motion Picture Talent; Jim Osborne Motion Picture Talent; Scott Schachter Motion Picture Talent; Risa Shapiro Sr. VP, Motion Picture Talent; Evan Tripoli Motion Picture Talent; Meredith Wechter Motion Picture Talent; Eddy Yablans Executive VP, Motion Picture Talent; Lars Theriot Sr. Data Coordinator, Motion Picture Department; Doug MacLaren Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary; Nick Reed Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary; Ron Bernstein VP, Sr. Subsidiary Rights, Motion Picture Literary; Nicole Clemens Motion Picture Literary; Josie Freedman Motion Picture Literary; Jon Huddle Motion Picture Literary; Ava Jamshidi Motion Picture Literary; Barbara Mandel Motion Picture Literary; Margaret Marr Motion Picture Literary; Dan Rabinow Motion Picture Literary; Nathan Ross Motion Picture Literary; Brian Sher Motion Picture Literary; Ben Smith Motion Picture Literary; Renee Tab Motion Picture Literary; D.J. Talbot Motion Picture Literary; David Unger Motion Picture Literary; Jeff Shumway International Operations, Motion Picture Literary; Paul Hook Executive VP/Head, Motion Picture Production; Dan Baime Motion Picture Production; Craig Bernstein Motion Picture Production; Tad Lumpkin Motion Picture Production; Tom Marquardt Motion Picture Production; Jason Patti Story; Bob Levinson Executive VP/Worldwide Head, TV/Head, TV Packaging; Greg Lipstone Sr. VP, TV Packaging; Leigh Brillstein Sr. VP, Head, TV Talent; Brian Mann VP, TV Talent; Tom Burke TV Talent; Andy Cohen TV Talent; Lisa Gallant TV Talent; Iris Grossman TV Talent; Mike Jelline TV Talent; Heather Nunn TV Talent; Dar Rollins TV Talent; Matt Solo Head, TV Literary; Kevin Crotty TV Literary; Carel Cutler TV Literary; Robert Lazar TV Literary; Alan Rautbort TV Literary; Michael Rizzo TV Literary; Barbara Smith TV Literary; Cindy Mintz TV Longform; Steve Glick Sr. VP, TV Packaging; Michael Schaffer TV Packaging; Michael Kagan TV, Alternative Programming; Kimberly Oelman TV, Alternative Programming; Steve Wohl Sr. VP/Head, Off-Network Programming & Network Specials, TV Syndication; Steve Levine Executive VP/Head, Comedy & West Coast Music/Concerts; Marty Beck Concerts; Chyna Chuan Concerts; Natalka Dudynsky Concerts; Rick Farrell Concerts; Scott Mantell Concerts; Scott Pang Concerts; William Rodriguez Concerts; Michelle Scarbrough Concerts; Chris Smith VP, Concerts; Jeff Danis Sr. VP/Head, Voice-Over; Kama Nist Voice-Over; Dean Panaro Voice-Over; Natanya Rose Voice-Over; Mike Shallbetter Voice-Over; Jeremy Tefft Voice-Over; Karen Sellars Head, Celebrity/Endorsement; Jason Pinyan Celebrity/Endorsement; Pam Brockie Sr. VP/Head, Motion Picture Business Affairs; Michael Tenzer Sr. VP/Head, Business Affairs, TV; Janet Kaye VP, Business Affairs, TV; Michael Kernan VP, Business Affairs, TV; Anne Pedersen VP, Business Affairs, TV; Michael Runnels VP, Business Affairs, Motion Picture Production; Sara Stimac VP, Legal Affairs; George Ruiz Business Affairs, Motion Pictures; Jacqui Schock Business Affairs, Motion Pictures; Robin Weitz Corporate Secretary; Alison Keeny Paralegal, Business & Legal Affairs" Website http://www.icmtalent.com/

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