• Monday, April 17, 2017

    Becoming Famous in 2017

    Becoming Famous in 2017

    Here are some observations of becoming famous in 2017.

    What I've noticed thus far is an increase in facebook live streaming, but the only people becoming famous are doing the wrong kind of things to have a future.

    Talking Politics have also made people really popular, but needing to increase the bar, to keep your audience interested, is also taking things to far.

    Making videos about fails, and stupid stuff continues to gain high views, but is this really how you want to become famous for?

    The only suggestion I can make at this time is keeping a consistent schedule of producing content (i.e. making videos) and building your fan base.

    I'll post again soon...

    Sunday, June 19, 2016

    VIDCON 2016 Can Help you Become Famous

    One new way to become famous in 2016 is to become a creator and make videos on large platforms like YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, VINES, and Take photos for Instagram and build up your following on Snapchat, and the place to find out about being creative is VIDCON. VIDCON can help you become famous, for many reasons, but here are a few reasons:

    1. collaborate with other social media stars
    2. meet reps from Maker - content studios 
    3. meet reps from Big Frame - Talent Representation
    4. meet reps from YOUNOW - live streaming
    5. meet reps from BROADBAND TV - Producer/Distributor of content
    6. meet reps from DEFY MEDIA - creator of digital content
    7. meet reps from NEW FORM DIGITAL - Scripted Mobile Content
    8. meet reps from LIVE.ME - sharing with fans
    9. meet reps from PATREON - Crowdfunding for your videos
    10. meet reps from BUQU - mobile power accessories
    11. meet reps from NETFLIX - Internet TV Network
    12. meet reps from ASTRONAUTS WANTED - content studio
    13. meet reps from COLLAB - Content Studio
    14. meet reps from Awesomeness TV - content studios 
    15. meet reps from Fullscreen - content studios 
    16. meet reps from FAMEBIT - brings You together with BRANDS
    17. meet reps from VICTORIOUS - sharing and connect with fans
    18. meet reps from MUSICAL.LY - create/find short music videos
    19. meet reps from WINVENTION - global content distribution
    20. meet reps from UNREEL.ME -  sharing and connect with fans
    21. meet reps from STUDIO71 - global content distribution
    22. meet reps from DFTBA - creators fund with merchandise
    23. meet reps from DISTRICT LINES - creators fund with merchandise
    24. meet reps from FILMORA - video editing
    25. meet reps from STYLEHAUL - global style network
    26. meet reps from JUKIN MEDIA - user generated content distribution

    In addition to the companies you can meet, you can also meet the biggest Instagram stars, youtube stars, vine stars and influencers of social media with the biggest following and most subscribers. Ask them anything, even ask them to collaborate with you.

      On JUNE 23-26, 2016 VIDCON will have its 7th annual convention in Anaheim California.

      VIDCON can help you learn how to become an influencer on all social platforms and gain endorsements and actually make money instead of creating for free.

      Why become famous if you can't make a living at it?

      Saturday, August 1, 2015

      Viral video ideas for becoming famous on YouTube

      Here are some suggestions for becoming famous on YouTube..

      Here is my how to on becoming famous on youtube. These suggestions have worked for others, so there is no reason they wouldn't work for you as well. While these videos seem to be random, they are sometimes well planned in advance. To make money from your videos, make certain they have no copyrighted materials seen in the video, and don't use popular music just because people know the song. You lose all. rights to the video, and any value if you break the YouTube rules, and terms of service.

      Viral video ideas for becoming famous on Youtube:

      If you've become famous for a YouTube video going viral, it could be from one of the following styles of videos:
      1. Fail/ crash/ stupidity - please don't hurt yourself on purpose jackass
      2. Singing good / bad / lip sync - you lose all rights, but you could get noticed more easily.
      3. Saying something "got em" and bad teeth - finally a reward for sounding stupid.
      4. Looking stupid, missing teeth, bad teeth, disturbed, funny face - finally a reward for looking ugly.
      5. Big ass, big boobs - finally a reward for being fat in all the right places.
      6. Athletes home videos - you have to be famous for this to work.
      7. How you dress - fashion do / don't 
      8. Talking bad about someone
      9. Talking good about someone

      Making money from your YouTube fame:
      While using clips from TV or singing a cover version, can rack up views, you will never make money from the views, because someone will claim copyright and could even get your video removed from YouTube.

      What it will do is open the door to making videos of non copyrighted original material and maybe even using your video in a playlist between your favorite songs or your song on the same page as yours or their viral video will help propel you.

      In an earlier post (click here) I explained where to gain followers, buy YouTube views.

      One place that may not be the best quality for finding everything you need is fiverr.

      You simply type into the search bar: buy views, buy followers, or exactly what you need and many choices pop up.

      This could be considered a great kickstart to becoming famous.

      Other software products have a different approach to gaining subscribers, gaining followers and gaining views..

      Jeet coaching might be the choice for you.

      Friday, July 31, 2015

      Social media can make you a famous influencer

      The biggest question's we hope to answer in this post are: Is an influencer on social media real or fake? Can Social media really make you a famous influencer, and the other question is: Are you really famous on the internet? 

      Social media can make you a famous influencer, but are you really famous on the internet? 

      How many followers does it take to become an influencer? 
      The website snapfluence describes real fans and followers as authentic followers, but are they really authentic when every aspect of a follower can be mimicked and faked?

      Can an influencer really drive brand awareness and increase sales?

      While an influencer who is not only on the internet but on a reality TV show, in the tabloids, on TMZ, has brand awareness for themselves, I agree that this type of person is for real and is a real influencer. (Basically Kardashian Family memebers, rappers, pop artists on billboard or at a stadium concert coming to your city, or someone dating a movie star is the only ones to get the real push)

      While recruiting the help of one of these real influencers will cost big bucks, they could be worth it, depending on how you utilize them.

      Ryan Stewart of webris wrote an article for marketingprofs.com, that gives us clues for detecting fake influencers:

      This is arguably the most important part of the process. If an Instgrammer has been doing a lot of promotions via his account, it's very likely that he's exhausted his following. In addition, you want to make sure that the influencer has real likes—not ones bought illegitimately.

      That means you need to do a thorough analysis of each influencer's profile. Take a look at the recent 20 or 30 posts on the profile, paying close attention to the level of engagement. If an Instagrammer has 200,000 followers but gets only 100 likes on each photo, the account is spam.

      Every photo should have, roughly, 5% engagement. In other words, if the Instagrammer has 200,000 followers, then photos should be generating, on average, 10,000 likes and comments (combined).

      When an influencer is paid to post something, most of the time we don't know its sponsored. It's been suggested at viralblog.com

      That adding the brand name as a hash tag is enough to let followers know that an influencer is working for a brand.

      While the age group for instagram is between 16-24.

      Isn't it heartwarming that the younger generation prefer pictures to reading?

      Hashtags and tagging:
      When someone really tries to be famous, they use hashtags in their instagrams, tweets, facebook, google plus,  and any new social media.
      hashtags is what helps people find your account, your brand and your content. 

      However any barometer used for someone only on the internet, can be faked. Brands should be wary of being duped. Many of the accounts can be faked and don't mean a thing, don't believe metrics or statistics.

      If a company makes money from an influencer and you can prove the hype to be real, then its real.

      Are influencers famous?

      Influencers or people with thousands to millions of followers are not always famous. While their social factors seem like they should be famous, it turns out their just experts at working the system.

      The system of gaining followers involves buying them and mixing them with real followers as an outer layer to cover their tracks.

      Others buy only real followers which are accounts made to look real. 

      Then there are experts who drop in new followers they buy so there is no detectable spike in new followers to their accounts.

      Then there are (Influencer) experts who buy likes, and even buy comments for each and every post or photo. These types of stats can be cooked to look very authentic and very real. But don't believe everything you read and see. It's all fake. (spam) IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, JUST DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR "BUY LIKES", "BUY COMMENTS", "BUY SUBSCRIBERS" be specific, "Buy Instagram followers", "Buy Instagram comments", "Buy instagram likes"

      Making your influential status appear organic is the key to gaining attention from corporate America, food companies, fashion industry, electronics, sports and you name it. 

      One source of buying the influencer to write a post about you is at socialinfluencers.net

      Another place to buy Influencers talking about you is: Brian DiFeo started The Mobile Media Lab, an agency that matches Instagram influencers with brands looking to widen their reach. DiFeo said an Instagram user with about 200,000 followers can make anywhere between $5,000 and $7,500 per month.

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