• Saturday, August 1, 2015

    Viral video ideas for becoming famous on YouTube

    Here are some suggestions for becoming famous on YouTube..

    Here is my how to on becoming famous on youtube. These suggestions have worked for others, so there is no reason they wouldn't work for you as well. While these videos seem to be random, they are sometimes well planned in advance. To make money from your videos, make certain they have no copyrighted materials seen in the video, and don't use popular music just because people know the song. You lose all. rights to the video, and any value if you break the YouTube rules, and terms of service.

    Viral video ideas for becoming famous on Youtube:

    If you've become famous for a YouTube video going viral, it could be from one of the following styles of videos:
    1. Fail/ crash/ stupidity - please don't hurt yourself on purpose jackass
    2. Singing good / bad / lip sync - you lose all rights, but you could get noticed more easily.
    3. Saying something "got em" and bad teeth - finally a reward for sounding stupid.
    4. Looking stupid, missing teeth, bad teeth, disturbed, funny face - finally a reward for looking ugly.
    5. Big ass, big boobs - finally a reward for being fat in all the right places.
    6. Athletes home videos - you have to be famous for this to work.
    7. How you dress - fashion do / don't 
    8. Talking bad about someone
    9. Talking good about someone

    Making money from your YouTube fame:
    While using clips from TV or singing a cover version, can rack up views, you will never make money from the views, because someone will claim copyright and could even get your video removed from YouTube.

    What it will do is open the door to making videos of non copyrighted original material and maybe even using your video in a playlist between your favorite songs or your song on the same page as yours or their viral video will help propel you.

    In an earlier post (click here) I explained where to gain followers, buy YouTube views.

    One place that may not be the best quality for finding everything you need is fiverr.

    You simply type into the search bar: buy views, buy followers, or exactly what you need and many choices pop up.

    This could be considered a great kickstart to becoming famous.

    Other software products have a different approach to gaining subscribers, gaining followers and gaining views..

    Jeet coaching might be the choice for you.

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