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    JYP star making abilities shine with the WONDER GIRLS 2DT

    JYP star making abilities shine with the WONDER GIRLS new single 2 Different Tears (2DT).

    JYP got his group Wonder Girls put onto U.S. tours of Jonas Bros., Justin Bieber to name a few. He has powerful connections with Disney, MTV and all TV networks. No other school can make those claims of helping kids become famous. This is also why Rob Tencer is in full support of anything with the JYP name behind it. Find an agent become famous recommends all children trying to become famous, to try and get into one of the 3 JYP schools around the world.

    This post is a direct message to John casablancas and Barbizon, and any other school taking money from children, their parents and adults whom want to become famous.

    They should all change their business model to be more like JYP.

    John casablancas and Barbizon and all the others like them, should put their money behind their graduates in a similar style to JYP or get out of the business of giving their students false hope.

    In an interview for (THR) The Hollywood Reporter's hollywood life, JYP, the creator and manager of the WONDER GIRLS, described how he created the WONDER GIRLS.

    First, JYP created three schools to become famous. 1 in NYC, one in South Korea and the third in China.

    Second, he held auditions in the 3 cities to become students at his star making schools.

    The schools subjects include: language studies in english, chinese, choreography (dance), acting among many others.

    JYP took things a step farther by financing and managing a group of hand picked graduates of his schools. He repeated the process for girl groups and boy groups. I am not sure if JYP created K-POP, but he surely made his mark.

    The girls and boys of the groups JYP put together, sometimes for personal reasons, leave the groups, and are quickly replaced by other JYP graduates. (Giving hope and oppurtunity to other students of his)

    JYP said in The Hollywood Reporter (THR) interview, that there may be girls who look more beautuiful and there may be girls who sing better, but nobody with as much desire and perseveirence and determination as his WONDER GIRLS.

    By chance, USA blogger Perez Hilton saw a Korean version of the groups korean hit NOBODY and posted the video to his blog Perezhilton.com with his approval and love for the girls.

    This caused a chain reaction, and the girls soon found a massive following in the U.S.

    English version of NOBODY followed, and JYP and WONDER GIRLS seeing their worlk recognized by being listed in BillBoards top music in the USA.

    The follow up to Nobody did not overlook their international following and JYP decided to release the newset single simultaneously in 3 languages. (English, Korean, Chinese)

    The girls in WONDER GIRLS, worked hard in JYP's school for several years before being chosen. This was not instant stardom, and shows if you work hard enough, even without having looks or a mariah carey voice, you can still become an international star.

    Other Videos from JYP and the Wonder Girls

    About Barbizon:
    The original Barbizon Modeling Schools were founded on 5th Avenue in New York City in 1939. Over the past 70 years, our lives have changed dramatically and so have schools that teach modeling. The hundreds of thousands of graduates from our programs have been benefiting from the training we provide and are a remarkable testament to Barbizon's strength and commitment as a professional modeling school. Through the years, Barbizon's aim has been to develop and nurture each student with knowledge and training of the highest caliber in the areas of modeling and personal development that proudly continues today.

    Barbizon graduates have gone on to become famous fashion models, child super models, actors, and actresses while others have become successful in the business world. The Barbizon Modeling Classes Curriculum prepares students to enter the world of modeling with self-confidence, poise, and style. Barbizon offers training in these areas which is key to success in the modeling industry as well as in everyday life.

    About John Casablancas:
    People come to John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers from all around the globe. Why?

    John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers not only helps you get ahead in your professional and personal life, but also teaches you a wide range of skills and improvement strategies.

    John Casablancas is the founder of Elite Model Management International, the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in the world. John Casablancas began the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers over 25 years ago to develop local talent and promote them through his international network of agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and many other cities throughout the world.

    John Casablancas is the leader in the modeling industry. He developed the world's first “Supermodels” and changed the modeling industry forever. Models were not well known or well paid until John came into the industry. He made modeling what it is today and made the Supermodels household names.

    In states where it is required, the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers are licensed with the State Boards of Education, proving they are certified or licensed to operate in that state under the guidelines of the Board of Education. Currently, the John Casablancas Centers hold Board of Education licenses in 35 states.

    Our dedicated instructors are among the finest professional in the fashion, beauty, acting and image-development fields. Their expertise, experience and commitment have helped thousands of our students look their best, feel their best and be their best.

    John Casablancas offers a wide-range of interesting programs, including:

    * Professional modeling
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    * TV commercial acting
    * The latest runway techniques
    * Makeup artistry
    * Skin and hair care
    * Exercise and nutrition
    * Successful interviewing techniques
    * Professional portfolio development
    * How to work with photographers
    * The business side of modeling
    * And much more...

    If your goal in life is to become a model or actor, this is where you will learn the essentials you will need to get noticed and get ahead. Even if you decide not to pursue modeling and/or acting, the skills and strategies you will learn at a John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center will give you a competitive edge, no matter what you choose to do in life.

    About JYP:
    Park Jin-young founded the company in 1997 as "Tae-Hong Planning Corporation", which eventually became "JYP Entertainment" in 2001.

    The studio and headquarters of its US branch, JYP USA, officially opened in New York City in June 2007.[1] In October 2008, JYP Entertainment further expanded by opening the JYP Beijing Center as their China branch. The same year, CAA (Creative Artists Agency) included JYP Entertainment in its roster of high profile clientele.[citation needed]

    The company is considered one of the biggest management companies in South Korea, along with SM Entertainment , and YG Entertainment.[2] In an interview, Park stated that the success of his artists is due to him creating a "brand" for the artist.[3] It has been reported that the group is worth in excess of $100 million.[3]

    JYP had created a subsidiary for his company JYPE, called Cube Entertainment, where the ex-Wonder Girls member Hyuna debuted with her group 4Minute in June 2009 and Beast that debuted October 2009. In Cube Entertainment there are also soloists Mario, Eddie, and Young Ji.

    In June 2009, it was officially announced that JYP Entertainment and the Jonas Group signed a management deal for the Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls joined the Jonas Brothers' World Tour 2009, in selected cities, as the opening act performing their two songs "Nobody" and "Tell Me".[4]
    [edit] Locations

    * South Korea: 123-50, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu (Headquarter)
    * United States: 110 East 31st Street, New York City
    * China: Chaoyang District, Beijing
    JYP got his group Wonder Girls put onto tours of Jonas Bros., Justin Bieber to name a few. He has powerful connections with Disney, MTV and all TV networks.

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