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    12 year old girl gets on a new Disney TV show

    Olivia Holt

    Being discovered by disney at 12 years old, involved so much more than watching the disney channel and dreaming of one day being on TV.

    While dreaming of someday being on disney, you must also devote yourself to learning how to act, sing and perhaps dance. Be prepared for going on many auditions and still maintaining good grades at school.

    So many kids try to become famous, and throw away their education and chase their dream, but only a few make it. If you are not one of the few kids that becomes famous, chasing your dream could ruin your life.

    That is why you need to stay in school, keep your close friends, and maintain your life with parents who love you, while chasing your dream, but only it does not interfere.

    Its not just you, who must sacrifice your home, family, and friends, education but your parents who if they decide to help, must also sacrifice their life, work, family to take you to acting classes, drive you to auditions, and to meet with agents, managers, lawyers and people who we hope can guide you to the roles and jobs in acting that you have always dreamed about.

    Olivia Holt, is one of the lucky girls who got chosen to be on a new disney TV show called Wasabi Warriors, set to air June 2011. She will act opposite Jason Earles who was on the hit disney series Hanna Montana.

    Olivia Holt, like you, started off with a dream to be on disney. She watched her favorite TV shows Hanna Montana, Jonas, Camp Rock, High School Musical and other shows on disney, and dreamed of one day, I will be on a disney TV show.

    Olivia Holt not only stayed in school, but decided not to move away from Mississippi, where she currently lives. Instead, her parents enrolled her in acting classes, hired a vocal coach (Bob Westbrook), and Olivia continued to do what other girls do at 12 years old.

    She was a gymnast, cheerleader, and joined local theater groups in Tennessee, where she had roles in local productions of Annie and Through the looking glass. It did not take long for people to notice Olivia Holt.

    Shortly after, she was signed by Abrams Artist Agency and Ford Models, who helped Olivia get auditions for  movies and commercials. She was offered movie roles for independent films as well as national commercials for Hasbro, Kidz Bop, Mattel, Jaxx Toys and Bratz. (This was all while living far away from Hollywood or New York, where most kids think they have to move to become famous) Oliviva does most of her auditions on Skype with her agent in Los Angeles.

    Olivia Holt was born in Germantown, Tennessee and raised in Mississippi. Olivia Holt was signed by Abrams Artist Agency and Ford Models.

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