• Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Good Charlotte's Joel Madden partners with Mams Taylor's LA GIRLS

    mila kunis plays a sex slave kidnapped by Kelly Carlson (Nip Tuck)in this video. She is freed by Mams Taylor, Emanuel Chriqui (Entourage)


    Mila Kunis
    mila kunis
    mila kunis

    mila kunis is a sex slave

    joel madden
    joel madden
    Joel Madden

    Rob Tencer speaks exclusively with Mams Taylor

    Okay so this guy doesn't need any helping becoming famous. But we loved the music video so much we couldn't resist asking for an interview...

    Rob Tencer: How did you meet Joel Madden of Good Charlotte?

    Mams - My producer worked with Joel on some of his other projects, and introduced us at the Mondrian on sunset.

    Rob Tencer – How much did it cost to make the video?

    Mams - It costs about $100,000 to make the video.

    Rob Tencer – with all the special effects in the video, and all the celebrity appearances in the video, how did you end up paying only $100,000 for the video?

    Mams – I used up every favor I had, and some of the people in the video worked for free.

    Rob Tencer – so you are saying that Joel Madden (Good Charlotte, husband to Nicole Ritchie), Carmen Electra, Emmanuel Chirqui (Entourage, Don't mess with the Zohan), Mila Kunis (Black Swan, That 70's Show, Forgetting Sara Marshall) , Kelly Carlson (nip tuck), and the UFC super star Rampage Jackson, plus the special effects and super hero like costumes were done for less than $100,000

    Mams – that's right.

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