• Sunday, June 19, 2016

    VIDCON 2016 Can Help you Become Famous

    One new way to become famous in 2016 is to become a creator and make videos on large platforms like YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, VINES, and Take photos for Instagram and build up your following on Snapchat, and the place to find out about being creative is VIDCON. VIDCON can help you become famous, for many reasons, but here are a few reasons:

    1. collaborate with other social media stars
    2. meet reps from Maker - content studios 
    3. meet reps from Big Frame - Talent Representation
    4. meet reps from YOUNOW - live streaming
    5. meet reps from BROADBAND TV - Producer/Distributor of content
    6. meet reps from DEFY MEDIA - creator of digital content
    7. meet reps from NEW FORM DIGITAL - Scripted Mobile Content
    8. meet reps from LIVE.ME - sharing with fans
    9. meet reps from PATREON - Crowdfunding for your videos
    10. meet reps from BUQU - mobile power accessories
    11. meet reps from NETFLIX - Internet TV Network
    12. meet reps from ASTRONAUTS WANTED - content studio
    13. meet reps from COLLAB - Content Studio
    14. meet reps from Awesomeness TV - content studios 
    15. meet reps from Fullscreen - content studios 
    16. meet reps from FAMEBIT - brings You together with BRANDS
    17. meet reps from VICTORIOUS - sharing and connect with fans
    18. meet reps from MUSICAL.LY - create/find short music videos
    19. meet reps from WINVENTION - global content distribution
    20. meet reps from UNREEL.ME -  sharing and connect with fans
    21. meet reps from STUDIO71 - global content distribution
    22. meet reps from DFTBA - creators fund with merchandise
    23. meet reps from DISTRICT LINES - creators fund with merchandise
    24. meet reps from FILMORA - video editing
    25. meet reps from STYLEHAUL - global style network
    26. meet reps from JUKIN MEDIA - user generated content distribution

    In addition to the companies you can meet, you can also meet the biggest Instagram stars, youtube stars, vine stars and influencers of social media with the biggest following and most subscribers. Ask them anything, even ask them to collaborate with you.

      On JUNE 23-26, 2016 VIDCON will have its 7th annual convention in Anaheim California.

      VIDCON can help you learn how to become an influencer on all social platforms and gain endorsements and actually make money instead of creating for free.

      Why become famous if you can't make a living at it?

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