• Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    CAA conatct and email - Find an Agent

    Creative Artists Agency - CAA Richard Lovett President Phone 310-288-4545; Fax 310-288-4800 9830 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills CA 90212 "Lee Gabler Co-Chairman;Rick Nicita Co-Chairman;Kevin Huvane Motion Picture Talent, Managing Director;Rob Light Head of Music Department, Managing Director;Bryan Lourd Motion Picture Talent, Managing Director;David O'Connor Motion Picture Literary, Managing Director;Wendy Smith Head of Communications;Sophie Duong Communications;Lisa Holloway Communications;Alison Lehrer Communications;Michael Mand Communications;Lawrence Rubin Communications;Peter Jacobs Speakers;Amie Yavor Speakers;Michelle Kydd Lee Foundation;Ryan Tarpley Foundation;Judee Ann Williams Foundation;Steve Alexander Motion Picture Talent;Chris Andrews Motion Picture Talent;Martin Baum Motion Picture Talent;Tracy Brennan Motion Picture Talent;David Bugliari Motion Picture Talent;Jimmy Darmody Motion Picture Talent;Matthew DelPiano Motion Picture Talent;Jason Heyman Motion Picture Talent;Kimberly Hodgert Motion Picture Talent;Brandt Joel Motion Picture Talent;Ara Keshishian Motion Picture Talent;Rick Kurtzman Motion Picture Talent;Brian Lee Motion Picture Talent;Eunice Lee Motion Picture Talent;Peter Levine Motion Picture Talent;Josh Lieberman Motion Picture Talent ;Tony Lipp Motion Picture Talent;Joel Lubin Motion Picture Talent;Andrea Nelson-Meigs Motion Picture Talent;Michael Nilon Motion Picture Talent;Emanuel Nu–ez Motion Picture Talent;Jeremy Plager Motion Picture Talent;Hylda Queally Motion Picture Talent;Jennifer Rawlings Motion Picture Talent;Fred Specktor Motion Picture Talent;Jeffery Speich Motion Picture Talent;Nick Styne Motion Picture Talent;Mick Sullivan Motion Picture Talent;Kelly Tiffan Motion Picture Talent ;Jim Toth Motion Picture Talent;Geoff Yim Motion Picture Talent;Megan Crawford Motion Picture, Marketing;Marissa Garcia Motion Picture, Marketing ;Roger Batchelder Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Steven Brookman Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Jenna Gambaro Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Matthew Leaf Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Charles Melniker Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Glen Meredith Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Joanna Mulas Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Eileen Rapke Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Keith Sears Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Sheldon Sroloff Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Marc Von Arx Motion Picture, Business Affairs;Dan Aloni Motion Picture Literary;Rowena Arguelles Motion Picture Literary;Jay Baker Motion Picture Literary;Spencer Baumgarten Motion Picture Literary;John Campisi Motion Picture Literary;Jill Cutler Motion Picture Literary;Maha Dakhil Motion Picture Literary;J.P. Evans Motion Picture Literary;Todd Feldman Motion Picture Literary;Craig Gering Motion Picture Literary;Risa Gertner Motion Picture Literary;Micah Green Motion Picture Literary;Scott Greenberg Motion Picture Literary;Billy Hawkins Motion Picture Literary;Rick Hess Motion Picture Literary;Jared Hoffman Motion Picture Literary;Rand Holston Motion Picture Literary;Kevin Iwashina Motion Picture Literary;Adam Kanter Motion Picture Literary;Brian Kend Motion Picture Literary;Michael Kives Motion Picture Literary;Christopher Lawson Motion Picture Literary;Jon Levin Motion Picture Literary;Byrdie Lifson-Pompan Motion Picture Literary;Gregory McKnight Motion Picture Literary;Victoria Metzger Motion Picture Literary;Michael Peretzian Motion Picture Literary;Carin Sage Motion Picture Literary;Brian Siberell Motion Picture Literary;Martin Spencer Motion Picture Literary;Ken Stovitz Motion Picture Literary;David Styne Motion Picture Literary;Roeg Sutherland Motion Picture Literary;Elizabeth Swofford Motion Picture Literary;Robert Bookman Motion Picture Literary, BooksRichard Green Motion Picture Literary, Books;Shari Smiley Motion Picture Literary, Books;Matthew Snyder Motion Picture Literary, Books;Sally Willcox Motion Picture Literary, Books;Seamus Blackley Games;Ophir Lupu Games;Matt Altman TV;Janine Argiriou TV;Omid Ashtari TV;Roy Ashton TV;Alan Berger TV ;Adam Berkowitz TV;Glenn Bickel TV;Pierre Brogan TV;Michael Camacho TV;Greg Cavic TV;Joseph Cohen TV;Kevin Cooper TV ;Andy Elkin TV;Tony Etz TV;Bryan Geers TV ;Christopher Gough TV;Sean Grumman TV;Chris Harbert TV;Alix Hartley TV ;Jeffrey Jacobs TV;Nancy Jones TV;Michael Katcher TV;Rob Kenneally TV;Grant Kessman TV;Joe LaBracio TV;Steven Lafferty TV ;Rick Lefitz TV;Martin Lesak TV;Brett Loncar TV;Peter Micelli TV;Andrew Miller TV ;Ted Miller TV ;Tracey Murray TV;Brian Pike TV;Michael Rosenfeld TV;Sonya Rosenfeld TV;Andrea Ross TV;Chris Simonian TV;Steve Smooke TV;Andy Stabile TV;Steve Tellez TV;Jaclyn Travers TV;Bruce Vinokour TV;Tiffany Ward TV;Kathy White TV;Tom Young TV;Nick Nuciforo Music, Comedy Touring;Steven Lashever Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials;Jim Nicolay Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials;;Lori Cloud Marketing;Nathan Coyle Marketing;Adam Devejian Marketing;Lori Golay Marketing;Jae Goodman Marketing ;Tera Hanks Marketing;Christy Haubegger Marketing;Eric Hunter Marketing;Ashley Jacobs Marketing;John Kaplan Marketing;Christopher King Marketing;Gabe Kleinman MarketingDavid Kung Marketing;Aubree Lynch Marketing;Seth Matlins Marketing;Hilary Meserole Marketing;David Messinger Marketing;Robin Moraetes Marketing;Haeran Park Marketing;Roy Peters Marketing;Scott Pruitt Marketing;Crystal Rocabado Marketing;Mark Sacks Marketing;Mark Shambura Marketing;Chuck Shorter Marketing;Jennifer Stanley Marketing;Maggie Dumais Lifestyle;Tristan Coopersmith Marketing, The Intelligence Group"

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    Anonymous said...

    I called them using the number from their website and asked about personal sponsership and they said that you have to be referred to them by a very close (they trust alot) third party.... so you can only get sponsership through referal.

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