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    find an agent in the UK

    Ed Victor, Ltd.
    6 Bayley Street
    Bedford Square
    London WC1B 3HB

    Ed Victor ed@edvictor.com

    Sophie Hicks sophie@edvictor.com

    Margaret Phillips margaret@edvictor.com

    Graham C. Greene graham@edvictor.com

    Blake Friedmann Agency Ltd.
    122 Arlington Road
    London NW1 7HP


    Carole Blake carole@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    Isobel Dixon isobel@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    Sue Kennedy Allen sue@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    David Eddy david@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    Julian Friedmann (Film & TV) julian@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    Conrad Williams (Film & TV) conrad@blakefriedmann.co.uk

    Toby Eady Associates Ltd.
    9 Orme Court, 3rd Flr.
    London W2 4RL


    Toby Eady toby@tobyeady.demon.co.uk

    Jessica Woollard jessica@tobyeady.demon.co.uk

    Greene & Heaton, Ltd.
    37 Goldhawk Road
    London W12 8QQ


    Carol Heaton cheaton@greeneheaton.co.uk

    Judith Murray jmurray@greeneheaton.co.uk

    Antony Topping atopping@greeneheaton.co.uk

    Charles Elliott celliott@greeneheaton.co.uk

    Ellie Glason eglason@greeneheaton.co.uk

    Peters Fraser & Dunlop
    Drury House
    34-43 Russell Street
    London WC2B 5HA


    Michael Sissons msissons@pfd.co.uk

    Pat Kavanagh pkavanagh@pfd.co.uk

    Simon Trewin strewin@pfd.co.uk
    Robert Kirby rkirby@pfd.co.uk

    Rosemary Scoular rscoular@pfd.co.uk
    Charles Walker (Film & TV) cwalker@pfd.co.uk

    Jago Irwin (Film & TV) jirwin@pfd.co.uk

    Anthony Jones (Fim &TV) ajones@pfd.co.uk

    Sophie Laurimore (Film & TV) slaurimore@pfd.co.uk

    Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
    Haymarket House
    28/29 Haymarket
    London SW1Y 4SP


    Jonathan Lloyd jlloyd@curtisbrown.co.uk

    Jonny Geller jonny@curtisbrown.co.uk

    Ali Gunn ali@curtisbrown.co.uk

    Anthea Morton-Saner anthea@curtisbrown.co.uk

    Jonathan Pegg jonathan@curtisbrown.co.uk

    AP Watt Ltd
    20 John Street
    London WC1N 2DR


    Caradoc King cking@apwatt.co.uk

    Derek Johns djohns@apwatt.co.uk

    Sheila Crowley scrowley@apwatt.co.uk

    Georgia Garrett ggarrett@apwatt.co.uk

    Nick Harris (Film & TV) nharris@apwatt.co.uk

    Rob Kraitt (Film & TV) rkraitt@apwatt.co.uk

    Christine Glover (Film & TV) cglover@apwatt.co.uk

    A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd.
    6 Warwick Court
    London WC1R 5DJ


    William Hamilton bill.hamilton@amheath.com

    Sara Fisher sara.fisher@amheath.com

    Sarah Molloy sarah.molloy@amheath.com

    Victoria Hobbs victoria.hobbs@amheath.com

    Casarotto, Ramsay & Associates
    National House, 60-66 Wardour Street
    London W1V 4ND


    Jenne Casarotto jenne@casarotto.uk.com

    Elinor Burns elinor@casarotto.uk.com

    Chris Cope chris@casarotto.uk.com

    Tom Erhardt tom@casarotto.uk.com

    Miriam James miriam@casarotto.uk.com

    Jodi Shields jodi@casarotto.uk.com

    Wylie Agency Ltd.
    17 Bedford Square
    London WC1B 3JA


    Andrew Wylie mail@wylieagency.co.uk

    Sarah Chalfant mail@wylieagency.co.uk

    Alexandra Gruebler mail@wylieagency.co.uk

    Rose Billington mail@wylieagency.co.uk

    David Higham Associates Ltd.
    5-8 Lower John Street, Golden Square
    London W1F 9HA


    David Higham dha@davidhigham.co.uk

    Anthony Goff anthonygoff@davidhigham.co.uk

    Bruce Hunter brucehunter@davidhigham.co.uk

    Jacqueline Korn jacquelinekorn@davidhigham.co.uk

    Caroline Walsh carolinewalsh@davidhigham.co.uk

    Gemma Hirst (Film &TV) gemmahirst@davidhigham.co.uk

    Veronique Baxter veroniquebaxter@davidhigham.co.uk

    Talent Media Group
    (ICM Books)
    Oxford House
    76 Oxford Street
    London W1D 1BS

    Duncan Heath duncan_heath@icmlondon.co.uk

    Sally Long-Innes sally_long-innes@icmlondon.co.uk

    Jessica Sykes jessica_sykes@icmlondon.co.uk

    Michael McCoy michael_mccoy@icmlondon.co.uk

    Greg Hunt greg_hunt@icmlondon.co.uk

    Hugo Young hugo_young@icmlondon.co.uk

    William Morris Agency UK Ltd.
    52/53 Poland Street
    London W1F 7LX

    Caroline Michel cmichel@wma.com

    Eugenie Furniss eif@wma.com

    Lucinda Prain lprain@wma.com

    Sheil Land Associates, Ltd.
    Literary, Theatre & Film Agents
    52 Doughty Street
    London WC1N 2LS

    Sonia Land sland@sheilland.co.uk

    Sam Boyce sboyce@sheilland.co.uk

    Vivien Green vgreen@sheilland.co.uk

    Benjamin Mason bmason@sheilland.co.uk

    Rod Hall Agency Ltd.
    3 Charlotte Mews
    London W1T 4DZ


    Rod Hall office@rodhallagency.com

    Clare Barker office@rodhallagency.com

    Charlie Fleet charlie@rodhallagency.com

    The Dench Arnold Agency
    10 Newburgh Street
    London W1F 7RN


    Elizabeth Dench contact@dencharnold.com

    Michelle Arnold contact@dencharnold.com

    Matthew Dench contact@dencharnold.com

    Charly Sommers contact@dencharnold.com

    Daniella Brivati contact@dencharnold.com

    The Marsh Agency
    11 Dover Street
    London, W1S 4LJ


    Paul Marsh paul@marsh-agency.co.uk

    Camilla Ferrier camilla@marsh-agency.co.uk

    Laurence Pollinger Ltd.
    9 Staple Inn
    London WC1V 7QH


    Lesley Pollinger lesleypollinger@pollingerltd.com

    Joanna Devereux jdevereux@pollingerltd.com

    Leigh Pollinger leigh@pollingerltd.com

    MBA Literary Agents, Ltd.
    62 Grafton Way
    London W1T 5DW

    Laura Longrigg laura@mbalit.co.uk

    Diana Tyler diana@mbalit.co.uk

    John Richard Parker john@mbalit.co.uk

    Meg Davis meg@mbalit.co.uk
    David Riding david@mbalit.co.uk

    Sophie Gorell Barnes sophie@mbalit.co.uk

    Lucas Alexander Whitley
    14 Vernon Street
    London W14 0RJ

    Mark Lucas mark@lawagency.co.uk

    Julian Alexander julian@lawagency.co.uk

    Araminta Whitley araminta@lawagency.co.uk

    Celia Hayley celia@lawagency.co.uk

    Alice Saunders alice@lawagency.co.uk

    Lucinda Cook lucinda@lawagency.co.uk

    Peta Nightingale peta@lawagency.co.uk

    Lizzie Jones lizzie@lawagency.co.uk

    Gillon Aitken Associates Ltd.
    18 - 21 Cavaye Place
    London SW10 9PT

    Gillon Aitken gillon@gillonaitken.co.uk

    Clare Alexander clare@gillonaitken.co.uk

    Sally Riley sally@gillonaitken.co.uk
    James Pusey james@gillonaitken.co.uk

    Jon Jackson jon@gillonaitken.co.uk

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