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    How-to be a writer for TINY GIANT teen online magazine

    Tiny Giant's mission is to create journalism, opinion, art, new media, fiction and design that is made by youth, for youth. Our articles should be funny, smart, serious, thoughtful, non-conformist and current-as should our writers and our staff.
    If you are writing a non-fiction article for us, the facts in your article, the events and the people must be true. Wherever you can, tell us where you got the information from (make a reference to the facts). All submissions must be your original work. Articles should have the names and telephone numbers of the people in your story for fact checking by our editors (don't worry; this is standard practise at magazines). Not every article has to be about something serious though. We love writers with a sense of humour (as long as you're not being too mean...). We also accept fictional writing, photography, animation and illustration.

    Sections you can write for:

    Feature Article: issue pieces (1000 words), service pieces (500 words), opinion pieces (500 words), news articles on current events (400 words) and personal journalism (500 words)

    Music: new music reviews, old music that is too good to be forgotten, music trends, artists, technology and music...but NO concert reviews please.

    I Got It Cheaper At... This is all about smart consumerism. We can't deny that we are consumers but at least we can be crafty about it! Tell us where you've found your best deals on anything from clothes to a discman to bus tickets!

    Pop-Up Culture: Tell us abou all aspects of popular culture including books, art, magazines, movies, TV, video games, and websites. You might write a review, comment on trends, interview authors or actors or write about anything else you can think of.

    Letters From Our Local Correspondents: Tell us what's going on in your part of the country. From funny and light-hearted local fairs and weird contests to funky news stories and groundbreaking stuff . If there's an issue getting a lot of media coverage where you live, give us your perspective.

    In Your Words: (500 words) This is personal journalism. Have you had an experience in your life that's unique, or that you think others will find interesting? Tell us about it.

    Where to send it:

    - writing should be submitted on disk or by e-mail in text format (with an ending of .txt)

    - artwork and photography can be submitted on disk in .jpg format for the Internet and .eps format for the print magazine OR we will take the actual art or photo as long as it is no bigger than 8.5 X 11 inches (letter size paper)

    Tiny Giant Magazine
    23 Isabella St.
    Toronto, ON
    M4Y 1M7 Main: tgmag@tgmag.ca
    Editor: steph@tgmag.ca
    Tel: 416.597.8297
    Fax: 416.597.0661

    Writing should be short and to the point--the exact opposite of writing an essay for school! If you're not sure what to do, we have training for young journalists, so just ask us and we can help you out!

    Find out more about the Creator of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

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