• Saturday, May 19, 2007

    How to contact teen magazines

    Twist Magazine: twistmail@twistmagazine.com
    J-14: mailbag@j14.com
    YM Magazine: etters@ym.com
    Teen People: amy@teenpeople.com
    YM: letters@ym.com
    M Mag: Magazine-mail@mmm-mag.com
    Popstar! Mag: popstarmag@aol.com
    CosmoGirl: go to www.cosmogirl.com and then click on "talk to us"
    Parade: Go to www.parade.com/homepage.html, scroll way down to the bottom, click "Send E-mail to Parade" and then you have to fill out this form, and finally, you get to send your e-mail.
    Parade(Snail Mail): Walter Scott
    Box 5001
    Grand Central Station
    New York, NY 10163-5001
    Seventeen Magazine: mail@seventeen.com
    Tigerbeat Magazine: editor@tigerbeatmag.com
    Teen Magazine: seventeen@palmcoastd.com
    People Magazine: Editor@people.com
    People Magazine(Snail Mail): People
    Rockefeller Center
    New York, N.Y. 10020
    People Magazine(Website): www.people.com
    NBC: 818-840-4444 & 212-664-2074
    CBS: 213-852-2600
    ABC comment line: 310-557-6872 & 212-456-7777
    FOX: 310-369-1000 & 310-277-2211
    ET: 213-956-4900
    Radio Disney: 1-888-EARS-018
    Entertainment Weekly:
    Number- 1-(212)-522-5600
    Despina Legakis- 1-(212)-522-1922
    Lauren Brenner- 1-(212)-522-4699

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