• Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    WMA USA contact and email - find an agent

    William Morris Agency - WMA (Los Angeles) Norman Brokaw Chairman of the Board Phone 310-859-4000; Fax 310-859-4462 One William Morris Pl. Beverly Hills CA 90212 "Walter Zifkin CEO Emeritus; Jim Wiatt CEO; David Wirtschafter President; Irv Weintraub COO; Michael Dates CFO; Chris Petrikin Sr. VP, Public Relations; David Kekst VP, Administration; Michael Page VP, Treasury Management; Paul Bricault Co-Head, William Morris Consulting; Johnny Levin Co-Head, William Morris Consulting; Cody Alexander William Morris Consulting; Frank Catapano William Morris Consulting; Paul Furia William Morris Consulting; Aaron Lenzini William Morris Consulting; John Mass William Morris Consulting; Edward Ryan William Morris Consulting; Bryan Thoensen William Morris Consulting; Mark Itkin Worldwide Head, Cable, Syndication & Non-Fiction Programming; Aaron Kaplan Worldwide Head, Scripted TV & Programming; Lanny Noveck Worldwide Co-Head, Scripted TV & Packaging; John Ferriter Worldwide Head, Nonscripted TV & Packaging; Lewis Henderson Head, Digital Media Group; Gaby Morgerman Head, Talent; David Palmer Head, Licensing & Merchandise; Holly Baril Talent; Philip Button Talent; Esther Chang Talent; Julie Colbert Talent; Michael Cooper Talent; Brian DePersia Talent; Ashley Franklin Talent; Kenny Goodman Talent; Philip Grenz Talent; Scott Henderson Talent; Ashley Josephson Talent; Jeff Kolodny Talent; Scott Lambert Talent; Theresa Peters Talent; Dana Sims Talent; Brad Slater Talent; Jason Trawick Talent; Joanne Wiles Talent; Troy Zien Talent; Scott Agostoni TV; Julissa Garcia TV; Erwin More TV; Paul Nagle TV; Chris Newman TV; Laurie Pozmantier TV; Joshua Pyatt TV; Collin Reno TV; Hans Schiff TV; Adam Sher TV; Suzy Unger TV; Evan Warner TV; Elana Barry TV/Literary; Todd Berger TV/Literary; Ann Blanchard TV/Literary; Elise Hartley TV/Literary; Renee Kurtz TV/Literary; Marc Provissiero TV/Literary; Steven Selikoff TV/Literary; Darren Shewchuk TV/Literary; Cori Wellins TV Literary; Lauren Heller Whitney TV/Literary; Marcus Wiley TV/Literary; Jeffrey Wise TV/Literary; John Fogelman Co-Head, Worldwide Motion Pictures; David Lonner Co-Head, Worldwide Motion Pictures; Mike Simpson Co-Head, Worldwide Motion Pictures; Danny Greenberg Head, Motion Picture Literary; Cassian Elwes Co-Head, William Morris Independent; Rena Ronson Co-Head, William Morris Independent; Nicole David Motion Pictures; George Freeman Motion Pictures; Craig Kestel Motion Pictures; Kimberly Bialek Motion Picture/Literary; Sara Bottfeld Motion Picture/Literary; Rob Carlson Motion Picture/Literary; Anna DeRoy Motion Picture/Literary; Mike Eisner Motion Picture/Literary; Michael Esola Motion Picture/Literary; Ken Freimann Motion Picture/Literary; Alan Gasmer Motion Picture/Literary; Alicia Gordon Motion Picture/Literary; Jeff Gorin Motion Picture/Literary; Ava Greenfield Motion Picture/Literary; Aaron Hart Motion Picture/Literary; Ramses Ishak Motion Picture/Literary; Charles King Motion Picture/Literary; David Lubliner Motion Picture/Literary; Steve Rabineau Motion Picture/Literary; Cliff Roberts Motion Picture/Literary; Michael Sheresky Motion Picture/Literary; Phil Alberstat William Morris Independent; Jerome Duboz William Morris Independent; Cary Berman Head, Commercials; Andrew Atkin Commercials; Troy Bailey Commercials; Tim Curtis Commercials; Orly Agai Marley Commercials; Erik Seastrand Commercials; Brooke Slavik Commercials; Jill Smoller Head, Sports & Entertainment; Ross Berlin Sports & Entertainment; Evan Levy Sports & Entertainment; Lon Rosen Sports & Entertainment; Carrie Wiener Sports & Entertainment; Peter Grosslight Worldwide Head, Personal Appearance; David Snyder Head, Adult Contemporary Personal Appearance; Marc Geiger Head, Contemporary Personal Appearance; Tony Goldring Head, International; Brian Ahern Personal Appearance; Dick Alen Personal Appearance; Ben Bernstein Personal Appearance; Michele Bernstein Personal Appearance; John Branigan Personal Appearance; Chris Burke Personal Appearance; Brian Edelman Personal Appearance; Heidi Feigin Personal Appearance; Amy Flax Personal Appearance; Robby Fraser Personal Appearance; Bradley Goodman Personal Appearance; Rob Heller Personal Appearance; Gayle Holcomb Personal Appearance; Tom Illius Personal Appearance; Andrew Lanoie Personal Appearance; David Levine Personal Appearance; Stacy Mark Personal Appearance; Rob Markus Personal Appearance; John Marx Personal Appearance; Stephanie Miles Personal Appearance; Clint Mitchell Personal Appearance; Craig Mogil Personal Appearance; Ron Opaleski Personal Appearance; Aaron Pinkus Personal Appearance; Zachary Radoski Personal Appearance; Marshall Reznick Personal Appearance; Guy Richard Personal Appearance; Akiko Rogers Personal Appearance; Joel Roman Personal Appearance; Keith Sarkisian Personal Appearance; Larry Shields Personal Appearance; Brent Smith Personal Appearance; Kirk Sommer Personal Appearance; Nanci Stevens Personal Appearance; Susan Brooks Worldwide Head, TV Business Affairs; June Horton Van Nort Head, Motion Picture Business Affairs; Aron Baumel Business Affairs; Ruth Engelhardt Business Affairs; Ruth Estrada Business Affairs; Robyn Goldman Business Affairs; Mary Harding Business Affairs; Eric Jacobson Business Affairs; Angela Petillo Business Affairs; Brian Rabolli Business Affairs; Berkeley Reinhold Business Affairs; David Taghioff Business Affairs; Stuart Tenzer Business Affairs; Kelly Weiss Business Affairs"

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    Anonymous said...

    last week our class held a similar discussion about this topic and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

    - Kris

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