• Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Reproducing the popularity for a Russian Athlete like Anna Kournikova

    Winning tournaments is not required to gain fame and fortune as an athlete. Coming from America is also not a requirement. What follows is a look at how Russian athletes like Anna Kournikova not only became world famous but very wealthy.

    You must be seen

    Self confidence is required to get through all the losing you’re going to do. Becoming a ranked athlete makes you an elite individual to begin with. The amount of practice, training and how young you begin will determine how far you get at becoming a ranked elite athlete in the sport of your choice. Keep in mind since Anna’s climb to stardom, We now have many ways to see our budding talents. Youtube and user generated content has gained a public acceptance for the way young people get their viewing content. Special fringe Satellite networks have arisen for sports fanatics as well. ESPN has branched out to covering many more sports then their early days when Anna was rising. Pay networks have also arisen for almost every sport known. While professional wrestling was shunned by mainstream sports networks, they have accepted a new style of boxing / wrestling like the UFC, and other federations. BODOG Sports seems to have made a strong entrance into sports broadcasting and pay per views. Versus is another strong network, as well as Fox Sports and all its local broadcasting of regional sports. Satellite Networks have picked up college sports in a major way. To sum this section up, the availability of all these content providers means a bigger chance of people noticing you.

    Personality is seen on YouTube and interviews and on the field

    Being a fierce competitor but losing and showing tears, shows a personal side of your personality. It shows you have a heart when you show a strong emotion. By displaying strong emotions on the field and off, causes people to remember you. They feel closer to you. You have connected with them.

    Building a Fan Base

    In the times since Anna Kournikova was the number one searched person on the internet, many things have changed. You should start by making your own website, and releasing your own thoughts and your own approved photos. This means having photo shoots, photos while playing your sport, and as many candid photos as possible. To build a crazily fierce fan base, (release not on your website) photos bent over, photos scratching your back, photos of any tattoo’s, photos in spandex, photos in bikini or swimsuit, photos on the beach or in the water.

    The boyfriend or girlfriend

    While Anna kept her marriages private, she was seen with certain men that people were equally crazy for. Sergai Federov, while he was a top athlete in professional hockey in Rusia and the USA, he did not have the sexual power of Anna and Enrique Iglesis. Aim high or date often. Getting out, while it is tiring after a hard training, is very important to your popularity and ultimately your marketability.

    Lets talk about your career

    When you seek a publicist who specialises in marketing an athlete as a celebrity, you should look for people like Rob Tencer. Rob’s analyses of your strengths, weaknesses, emotions and personality as well as your inner and outer beauty are all looked at with a professional and experienced mind.

    Who is the next Anna Kournikova going to be, and where will she or he come from?

    Will it be a European country? Will it be a Latin American country? Will it be from down under or an Asian country? What language will he or she speak? Do you remember Anna Kournikova speaking? What sport will the next Anna Kournikova come from? Will the next Anna Kournikova be you?

    If you would like to learn more about reproducing the Anna Kournikova effect, then you should write and let me know.

    Contact Rob Tencer at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com

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