• Monday, July 16, 2007

    What can you use Vanessa Anne Hudgens contact information for?

    How to contact Vanessa Anne Hudgens for autographs and writing fan letter.

    How to have Vanessa Anne Hudgens appear at your political fundraiser.

    How to have Vanessa Anne Hudgens sing at your wedding.

    Vanessa Anne Hudgens (Gabriella Montez)
    Untitled Entertainment - Manager
    331 N. Maple Dr.
    Third Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    William Morris Agency (WMA)
    Tim Curtis - Talent Agent
    One William Morris Pl.
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Phone: 310-786-4085
    Fax: 310-859-4462

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    TM Talent
    Tamara Markowitz
    Manager Phone: 732-972-4957
    Fax: 732-972-2980

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