• Saturday, August 4, 2007

    High School Musical 3 - Audition / Casting - Your Competition

    Here is an update of the teen movie project your invited to audition for:

    The project that you are invited to audition for is similar to high school musical and school of rock. The teens of this story evolve from elementary school, while continuing their education to high school. The teachers help the teens discover talents while growing up. the emphasis is on the educators who have impacted their lives. the cast will include teens of all ages and adults to play the teachers, parents and principal, and school board of education.

    The elemantary teachers have a very unorthodox style of teaching, and the parents want them removed. The school board transfers them to teach at a high school. The teens show the true impact that the teachers had on their lives and are reunited in high school in singing, dancing and of course acting.
    The idea is that the teachers will continue to educate new students every year, while the current students, depending on their age, will have graduated. The series of movies planned has a new group of students in each movie made. Once again, the emphasis is on the educators, and the impact they have on their students.

    Teens can return in other parts, such as a family member of a younger brother and sister.

    Do not get discouraged at seeing videos of other kids submissions. Everyone of you has some kind of skill or talent that is waiting to come out. Write me and ask me for help, if you don't know what your talent is, but you still want to be famous.

    Update: Jade Yorker (Kobe Bryant) is still with Rob Tencer Public relations but is now with the Abrams agency.

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    How can I become famous, and get on a Disney show or movie?

    Another thing you can do to become famous and to maybe work on a show at Disney, is to send your photo and any Youtube video links to

    Rob Tencer at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com I will personally place your YouTube link, Your photo and my comments on a new blog posting just for you.

    Warning: (If anyone wants to contact you)

    I recommend against direct contact, so I will place my email as your contact. When I contact you by phone or email, please include your parent or guardian’s name so I can forward them any interest people have in hiring you.


    I am not asking for any money for doing this, as I want to help any teen become famous. Please, when there is an interest, remember to hire someone like Rob Tencer (Me) to be your publicist.

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