• Saturday, August 11, 2007

    HSM 3 YouTube Auditions - still going on.

    Audition update:

    For the past couple weeks, I have been encouraging tweens and teens around the world to make
    video auditions and to place them on YouTube.

    10's of Thousands of teens have visited the audition site, but less than 100 have submitted video auditions.

    Let me explain more clearly why I am doing the auditions on YouTube, instead of a live audition:

    1. The cost of a flight to LA or NY
    2. The cost of a hotel in LA or NY
    3. The cost to your chaperon / Parent - time lost from work
    4. The cost of food in LA or NY
    5. Site seeing, shopping, souvenirs, etc..

    Are You getting the picture now?

    Who is watching your Auditions?
    Besides the whole world, getting a chance to discover you, I have also talked with and

    convinced: Directors, Producers, Agents, Managers, Choreographers, Film makers, as well as

    Casting agents, Studios and Publicists to participate in not only embracing this new type of

    audition, but to create movie and TV projects around the best of what we find to be very

    talented teens and tweens.

    Not everyone will be casted in High School Musical 3, but there is nothing to worry about, as we

    have many more possibilites to make you famous.

    Another explanation of who I am:
    My Name is Rob Tencer and I specialize in making people famous. As you have been reading from my

    blog, I am not asking for any money to help discover you and make you famous. When you reach a

    time in your talented career, I want you to think about having Rob Tencer represent you as your

    publicist. This is my project to help make people famous. Unlike other schools or modeling

    programs that charge for their help, I have consistently done the opposite and continue to give

    advice on my blogs to help you become famous.

    I designed this audition to give worldwide exposure for you to showcase your talents in acting,

    singing or dancing, and I am still accepting your video auditions on YouTube.

    The two most important parts of your video are
    1. Lighting - The video should be well lit.
    2. Sound - We should be able to hear you.

    Remember, when you finish sending your video audition to YouTube, to send me the link and

    including a photo of yourself. Send it to ayepublicrelations@gmail.com

    To help you with your inspiration, I have found a singer who is not from America, nor does she

    live in America.

    Her name is Esmee, and she has become famous because of YouTube and watched by

    over 11 million people and counting. She made a short video to shocase her singing talent.

    Here is her story

    Then she started to get press from all over the world

    The third installment Esmee gets to record in a studio.

    If you find this information valuable and helpful, please link to this blog, tag this blog on your favourite social bookmark like Digg, Reddit, Netscape, Del.Icio.Us, StumbleUpon, Slashdot, and to place my link on your myspace and facebook pages.

    How can I become famous, and get on a Disney show or movie?

    Another thing you can do to become famous and to maybe work on a show at Disney, is to send your photo and any Youtube video links to

    Rob Tencer at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com I will personally place your YouTube link, Your photo and my comments on a new blog posting just for you.

    Warning: (If anyone wants to contact you)

    I recommend against direct contact, so I will place my email as your contact. When I contact you by phone or email, please include your parent or guardian’s name so I can forward them any interest people have in hiring you.


    I am not asking for any money for doing this, as I want to help any teen become famous. Please, when there is an interest, remember to hire someone like Rob Tencer (Me) to be your publicist.

    Find out much more about becoming famous from the following links:

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    Tips and Tricks for becoming Famous

    Find out more about the Author of this blog at his website Rob Tencer pr.

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