• Sunday, August 19, 2007

    I really want to become famous. To Become a somebody and not a nobody

    Dear Rob Tencer,
    I really wanna become famous but I don't know how to become famous. I always
    wanted to meet Corbin Bleu, Raven Symone, and so much more. I just wish that
    my dreams will come true. to become a somebody and not a no body.

    I have a talent, if only I knew how to use it I would have been on disney channel
    already. I just wish that you can help me to become a somebody. I can really
    sing,dance and act and that is a wonderful talent to me. thank you for
    reading this. I am 11 years old will be 12 on the 20th of October please
    give me a chance to show you my wonderful talent and what I can do.

    by the way my name is Trishana.

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    Anonymous said...

    hi im dijuan higgins . im 14 i sing and dance. heres a video if u want a look



    NatashaSinger1 said...

    Dear Mr. Tencer, I am so excited to have found this website. This practicly made my dream come true. I would love to get into acting and singing. I have great talent people tell me. I know that a lot of people are shy to get out there and sing there heart out. To bad thats not me, i'm always performing every chance i get. I have written songs and practiced so many times a day, its not even possible to keep track. I just wanted to let you know what a great singer i am and to definetly consider me. Some people that i have known for about a week asked me to sing last night because rumors spread that i am an amazing singer and i sang for them and ended up making one cry becuase they loved my voice so much. Thank you so much for listening and i really need to know what song to sing for audtitions. Thank you,
    natasha Lindquist

    Anonymous said...

    Hi my names Faith and basicly i love to sing! I am always singing to my sister and my mom and dad i just cant help it,singing just pretty much makes me happy! I dont just want to be famous because of all the money or the attention but because i want people to hear me and just understand that no matter if you come from a small town of 1200 people, like me, its not impossible to do things that you have always dreamed of if you just go out there and chase your dreams!
    I admit i can be shy at times but when it involves singing of acting i just go out there and give it my all. I have been in quite a few musicals and a couple plays and i was the lead in Rumpulstilskin a couple of years ago... did i mention im only 14??? I belive that there are only a certain amount of people that are destined to become famous and i know im one of them!!! there is alot of hard work and dedication to become famous and you cannot expect to become famous over night, you have to have alot of patience to become famous also. You also have to take critisism in a positive way or you will never make it in the industry you have to know that there are alot of tears and heartbreaks also. 4 all of this stuff im ready and prepared!!! Im willing to relocate if i have to and i think i could get my parents to go along with it because they know that this is my destiny and they cant stop me from following my dreams did i mention i live in wisconsin? that just proves how much i love singing, if im willing to move to california and leave everything i know and love behind like that. please help me with my destiny but if you dont help me dont feel bad because with or without you every1 will know me and my music eventually!


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