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    I thought your HSM 3 Auditions were a joke, until I read your other posts

    One of thousands of emails I receive about High School Musical 3 Auditions:
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    "no, I don't get many letters like yours." (perhaps that will change with this posting)

    First, I wanted to say thank you for letting me know how you feel about the few out of control young girl celebrities. As the media become more aggressive, their is less and less privacy. On the other end, the celebs know exactly what they are doing, and are sometimes the ones behind calling the paparazzi about their daily schedule. (the celebs team could have placed the call)

    Besides the hype and publicity side, lie a young person in an "adult situation". Unfamiliar with adult situations, they become overwhelmed. this is a very dangerous situation. They need a good support system of family and friends to fall back on for help and protection.

    Lindsays mother went everywhere with her daughter, and her daughter screwed up. why? because dinah was not a good support. dina is not a good team member to surround herself with. Dinah is part of the problem and a key to lindsays downfall.

    In most situations, I am with my clients at all times. I pick them up, prepare them and practically hold their hand throughout public appearances. I demand my clients young and old DO NOT DRINK AND DO NOT DO DRUGS while in public. I AM ALSO A SOBER COMPANION. (I AM A GOOD INFLUENCE)

    I HAVE WRITTEN UP ON MY http://www.robtencerpr.com about picking the proper team to surround yourself with, and part of it begins with having a driver. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE CLIENT DRIVE. I had a client who did not drink or smoke and still had 2 car accidents.

    I thank you so much for digging a little, and reading what I am all about. The advice I give is to try and teach not only how to be famous, but how to stay famous and healthy and happy.

    If you read the audition blogs, then you know I recommend that you make an audition video to showcase your talents.It does not have to be from HSM, but the key thing is to show some personality in your video.

    Blonsky and the Queen are two good role models, especially Queen because of her longevity and attitude in life.

    You might be happy to learn that I am working on another project with a cast of all full figured, instead of 1 token fatty.

    Always remember, "There is always hope when you shine with talent."

    Do the YouTube video for the exposure of your vocal talent. It is more important than you think!

    Rob Tencer
    On 8/14/07, Rachel B Wrote:

    Hello Rob,

    My name is Rachel. I am a big fan of HSM, like thousands of other girls in this country and a friend of mine knows that. He actually sent me to the link to your site, about how to and where to get all the information on HSM 3, as a joke of course. My friend just wanted to joke around saying he was going to audition. Though I looked around your site for a bit. Read a couple of your entries, least the recent ones. You sparked some very interesting topics and I wanted to send you a note on some of my views for them, if that is alright.

    It is very sad and degrading , how some of the stars we see in the Media are throwing their lives away so quickly and fast. When an older star is interviewed, a veteran, you know one who has 'been through it all' says in an interview, "Oh , it's just a phase, everyone goes through it" I guess you must be in Hollywood to be part of that club. I think it's bull, and plain stupidity of the human mind.

    I am sure that it must be very difficult for one to have their personal lives always constantly watched by the public. On a level where as I could never touch base to it, but it pains me to think that some of these women want the world to beleive that have been doing no wrong? They all know their lives are watched 24 hours it seems, and they constantly lie, bringing on more controversy and rumors to themselves. Which in the end can ruin their careers. For instance, before the Lindsay scandal.(the most recent) in all the interviews she did were as she is respecting the terms of her last episode and abiding by the rules that the court gave her, she goes off and pulls another one of her anticts. It's a real shame she felt as if she had to lie, she deprestly needed help. Then again, I could be talking about an issue I never could understand. Though what I do know, is that by her acting out this way, and all the lies, and the abuse, her career is going to have a def. drop. I loved watching her movies when I was younger, I loved watching her grow, and now I won't support her, not the way she has been showing herself. She needs to get away from everything it seems, if she wants to try and save what is left with her career. When one is scorned in Hollywood, people may not want to work with you.

    I would talk about Britney Spears, but to me she is a waste of time.
    An accident waiting to happen, how can someone just change a full 360. She isn't a little girl,but she is def not a grown women.

    Anyone who defines Britney as something other then an accident waiting to happen must not see the signs.

    It's people like that who make me never want to pursue anything. Then I realize, I am nothing like them.
    either in mind, body or soul.

    Hollywood is all about the image, and not much talent it seems now a days which is sad, we have great up and coming actors who deserve so much, but get cut out because Britney forgot to wear underwear, or Lindsay is snorting again' why not focus on some of the great things we have. Like you have mentioned, Zac and Vanessa.

    I personally love Anne Hathaway, I think she is phenomenal.

    I have always been interested in acting, though more so musically. I am sure you read emails like this all the time though, but I wanted to just get this out.
    I saw Hairspray and I realized that if you have the talent you should go for it, Nikki Blonsky is now a hero of mine for what she has been able to accomplish, as is Queen Latifah. Two women who have scored two of my favorite roles of all time.(tracy and mama morton) Showing how their talent and voice is more interesting then the fact they aren't toothpicks.
    I am a very curvy girl, I have always been that way. Been teased, laughed, made fun of. All that in elementary. And some in high school, but I reign in the Choirs. Though recent in the past couple of years, musical theater sparked my interest, or musical movies. I just don't know how to start. Not much money, no starting point. So I am kind of lost.
    How would I begin searching for a way to make things happen?
    I want to be a role model among the few young stars who can show children that ta.lent is a wonderful thing, and you don't have to have a scandal to go along with it.

    Then again you mentioned 31% of all kids believe they can make it.
    So if I end up as a teacher,lawyer, mom, PTA pres. Then it's alright for me. The fact that I believed in myself to want to go for this makes me feel great.

    Rachel B

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