• Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    To All The Theatrical And Talent Agents That Visit Find An Agent Become Famous

    To all of the talent agents that visit http://www.findanagentbecomefamous.com

    Thousands of very talented teens and other hopeful actors, dancers, and singers are coming to this website every day in hopes of becoming famous. Many of the teens express that Disney will not allow them to try out for an audition without representation.

    Therefore I request that the agents who stop by this website, to please identify yourself and what kinds of talent you represent. You can e-mail me at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com I will then call you to discuss the many talented people who are asking me for help.

    If you were to help at least 1 talented teen, we would be so thankful and greatly appreciated.

    Rob Tencer

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