• Sunday, August 19, 2007

    What makes me think this is not a scam? I am very careful to make sure this is legitimate.

    Good Morning Rob Tencer,
    My name is John and I have several questions regarding open auditions for HSM3 on youtube.com. I am 14 years old and curious about many things.
    For one, what makes me think that this is not a scam? I am very careful about these things and want to be sure that this is 100% legitimate.

    Also, what is the age limit for auditioning? Do I have to act out a scene or perform a song, if so, what song/scene would be recommended.

    A side note, my parents do not know yet that I aspire to be in High School Musical or even a Disney Channel Show. I need every bit of help so that I can be discovered. I will include a little background on myself so that you can further your decision on whether you should help me or not.

    I am 14 years old, born in 1993 in Toms River NJ. I was always picked on in school but have grown to love acting and singing. My school, peers and adults alike, believe that I have a good voice and I want to further/start a career.

    My parents are both without a job and this is a 3 person household. I will be a high school freshman on September 5th.

    Thank you,



    Dear John and every aspiring teen,
    As you know from reading this blog, that I have not asked for any money and I have only recommended actions that will help in your career in the entertainment business of acting, singing, dancing and being hired for TV and Movies.

    While not everyone will be actually given a roll in High School Musical 3, there is nothing to worry about, because if you have talent, we will see it. Your audition video on youtube will reach the right eyes, and is so valuable for your aspiring career. I also recommended sending a photo of yourself. The video you make can either be a scene in High school musical 1 or 2 or anything to showcase your talent in acting, singing or dancing. Remember to show a strong personality in the audition video. Lastly, you also know from reading my many blogs that I have given you many tools and contacts for finding proper representation, but unlike myself, many scams are out there that want to make money from you and not help you. The best barometer is how quickly someone offering to help you, asks for money in return for making you a star. Those are scams. My websites, blogs and my business is not a scam. I have built a strong reputation for making people of all ages and all stages, famous.
    If you're not familiar with my work, I suggest you have a look at my main website at http://www.robtencerpr.com

    Yes I charge people I represent, but I have not asked for anything from any of you. I have only given you expert advice, and all the help you can ask for in your emails. I am in the process of responding to the thousands of your requests for more information and personal help. you can reach me at ayepublicrelations@gmail.com

    Rob Tencer

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