• Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    Hayden Panettiere worked with Chinese Mafia

    Director David Ren in Elmer Ave. Vintage Jacket.

    Hayden Panettiere

    Hayden Pantettiere worked with several Chinese actors and a Chinese director in her role in Shanghai Kiss.

    Ken Leung played her boyfriend, while Oliver Yan and James Hong played pivotal characters. The film was written and directed by David Ren. Rob Tencer was David Ren's publicist during the making of this film as well as into 2006.

    All throughout the making of Shanghai Kiss, Director David Ren never took a photo with
    Hayden Pantettiere. One of my jobs as David's publicist was to track her down at the Tribeca Film Festival 2006 in NY and make sure David Ren finally gets a photo with Hayden Pantettiere. David arrived late to a festival premiere and missed her red carpet walk. We finally got the photo in the theater just before the movie started, by running to Hayden's seat. This was not the Premiere for Shanghai Kiss. (I later sold the photo to WENN, when David decided not to pay me for some of my work)

    Before the release of the film, the young director could get no respect in Hollywood, even though many of the biggest young starlets had auditioned for him.
    Hayden Pantettiere was not on TV as the cheerleader in Hero's yet either, and was not in the same position as she is now.

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    Anonymous said...

    David Ren...Hes a raging bi-polar lunatic, always lost his shit on set, had multiple panick attacks. Very unprofessional to the point he cost his last low budget film over 200 thousand dollars.

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