• Saturday, September 1, 2007

    high school musical 3 update on auditions and open casting

    Here is the update for high school musical 3 auditions.

    With such an overwhelming response from teens all over the world and with unique questions on how to do the video audition, how to make the video, what to do on the audtion, where to send it, etc.. I have been trying to answer everones questions with personal replies. this takes time, and i am sorry for the lack of updates.
    There is more teens than spaces for high school musical 3, but I am trying to work on a different teen project to get more of you involved.

    I am in Los Angeles this week trying to work out another teen movie project with all of the video audtions and a new story about teens in high school. I have successfully met with directors, producers, writers, choreographers, actors and actresses who are all very interested in the projects.

    I will be placing the video auditions on my other website about discovering talent called http://www.thexfactor.com

    The next update will be coming soon,

    yes, I am still accepting the video audtions, so keep them coming.

    Rob Tencer


    Anonymous said...

    Name : Veronica Sierra
    Age : 13 years old
    Height : 5'2''
    Weight : 106 pounds
    Eyes color : brown
    Hair color : black
    Talent : Act, dance and sing
    Attitude : Great to audition
    Languages : English and spanish

    Anonymous said...

    where do we send our suditions??

    karr said...

    where do i send the video?? whats your email?

    Anonymous said...

    hey wat do we have 2 do on the video

    Anonymous said...

    what do we have to do on the video and where do we send it to?

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