• Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    Communication with adults - Beware of bad people on the internet

    In my quest to help teens become famous, it becomes increasingly important to have parent supervision. If you are chosen for the open auditions and casting for HSM 3 or other teen movie or TV projects, you must have your parents supervision and permission.

    Here is a recent correspondence with a teen and myself:

    I have thousands of emails a day, 100's of video auditions a day, and no time for your questions. I have a website where I offer help at no charge, to teens at http://www.robtencerpr.com and my blogs that also help teens become famous. I charge thousands of dollars a month to my clients. Send me your photo and your video audition so I can help you, and you should be going through your parents, because you will need their help if you are selected.

    Don't communicate with anyone online, unless you have your parents permission, and they are able to talk with the professional person you want to work with.

    Rob Tencer

    It bothers me, that children use the computer without parents permission or supervision when it comes to contacting adults. Some people are good people like myself, but some people are bad, and with online texting, its hard to tell the difference.

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