• Sunday, October 21, 2007

    zac efron and Ashley Tisdale are more famous than Vanessa Hudgens in the UK

    At the first ever Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards UK.

    The Disney Channel's High School Musical won two awards, with Zac Efron being declared best TV actor and Ashley Tisdale being named TV best actress.


    Think beyond the US market for becoming a celebrity, as the tastes are different around the world. Who would have ever thought Ashley Tisdale would have won best actress anywhere?

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    Anonymous said...

    I think Vanessa Hudgens is way more famous than Ashley Tisdale since the scandel,but besides that,all of that is true.

    Anonymous said...

    i'm really glad Ashley won, i just hate Vanessa she's so annoying!And plus Ashley and Zac make shuch a cute couple

    Anonymous said...

    I am glad asley won because i hate vanessa

    Anonymous said...

    Iam glad ashley tisdale won she ann zac make good cuple

    Anonymous said...

    Great blog post, I have been looking for that???


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