• Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Finding a casting agent

    Your agent or manager sends you to auditions. Auditions are held by casting agents, looking for a specific person. One of my favorite casting agents and a personal friend is Ivy Isenberg.

    In the past I have asked Ivy to help me with a speaking tour around the country, for teens wanting to be famous. (This idea is still open if any of you show an interest, send me a comment)

    She has some very important insite as to how to get the job, once you are sent for the audition. Her experience on what casting agents are looking for, could be the difference of a non working professional auditioner and a professional working actor.

    Ivy recently celebrated her first year of her own casting agency, having worked for many years with major film studios and television networks.

    Ivy recently sent me a notice of her new project that everyone should check into, if they want a career as an actor.

    Hey everyone !!!

    Just a little note to let you know that I am co-hosting a new
    web-series called "The Reel Deal" on the Virtual Channel Network .

    Created by Gary Marsh, owner of Breakdown Services, THE REEL DEAL is
    a forum for new film-makers and actors to have their short films
    viewed by a demographic of agents, writers, producers and other
    entertainment professionals to maximize their exposure to the
    industry. My co-host, Marc Bass, agent and owner of the talent agency,
    MBA and I review these shorts, ala Siskel & Ebert (or more like Ebert
    and Roeper) for their aesthetic values and acting performances.

    I am celebrating the upcoming one year anniversary of the creation of
    my own casting company. This year I have cast television shows like
    "The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman" on IFC and " Robot
    Chicken", Seth Green's series on Adult Swim as well as a few indie
    features and a feature for Sony Screen Gems, but this was a fun
    opportunity to utilize my Film School education and my creative eye
    in front of the camera- and I just couldn't say "no" !!!

    Each week we will review a new short - and for those of you that know
    me, in true "Ivy Fashion" each episode gets wackier and wackier!!!

    Thank you to all those that contributed to my success this past year
    and wished me well !!. I couldn't have done it without you !

    Although the business is facing turbulent times I [pray] for ALL our
    continued success, health and well-being.

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    Sam said...

    hey, it would be cool if you pursue that show idea you were talking about.

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