• Saturday, December 6, 2008

    Get your parents permission


    Ok, I just saw your first email where you said you were all 15 years old. My first advice to you is to ALWAYS have your PARENTS PERMISSION when contacting ANYONE over the internet. Next, even after getting your parents PERMISSION, you should have them close by when talking to grown ups. I have children myself, and understand the dangers of children talking to STRANGERS.

    My intentions if you read about me, is purely to help teens anywhere in the world, reach their dreams with sound advice and to offer help in any way I can. I do know people and have connections. Its as simple as that.

    I am NOT an agent or a manager. I am a celebrity publicist who specializes in helping teens become famous, using any resource possible without asking for anything in return, and without asking you to actually spend money to reach your goals. I offer advice on becoming famous without spending money. There are many CROOKS and people who take ADVANTAGE of people. Some of these people have CRIMINAL records and don't have the best intentions in mind.

    With that said, FIRST tell me if your parents know you are contacting me?

    Rob Tencer


    Unknown said...

    Hello. My name is Elizabeth nand I'm 19 years old. I am trying my best to become famous. Maybe start out as an extra and gradually move up. Also, I do not have a lot of money. Can you help me out and give me some advice?


    CHING CHING said...

    HI!i'm a 15 years-old asian girl,i want to be a actress and singer.i just want to ask ,which agent would be the best one for a asian girl?or i sure say for a girl who want to be a disney channel star.


    Michelle said...

    Hey Mr ROb =3
    I would like some advice on my pursuit in the acting career, and i want to get some exposure and all. Is there any way i can well email you and get some advice and stuffs. My email is simplelurves@aim.com (secondary email)

    Michelle~ (and yes my parents know that i am well contacting you)

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