• Friday, January 2, 2009

    dana asks for career advice in public relations

    Dear Rob Tencer,

    I am currently a college student and considering a career in public relations. What advice would you give me? I'm unsure what to major in, what internships to pursue, etc. Thank you!


    Dear Dana,

    You asked what to major in college:

    A safe choice to major in is "journalism", and subjects that deal with "english".

    It does not matter your major or degree when you get out of school, as
    most people like yourself need to intern first.

    What does matter, is that you get a college degree.

    Either while attaining your education, or while in school you can begin your internship at any time. Some employers require minimal for employment, and sometimes those minimal require long hours.

    You should either start to develop or you should already have developed a magnetic personality, and persuasive skills, which are very important, and needed for closing the new client from other possible pr companies, as well as using your skills for placing your client in the press.

    PR is a huge arena, so deciding what area you are most well suited is important.

    Everything from hospital equip, to military equipt, farm equip and the like is also in need of pr (do you understand how big pr is?)

    Public Relations Is not all about celebrities, fashion, red carpets.

    However, my type of pr is about socialites, celebrities, red carpets and parties almost every night.

    Rob Tencer Public Relations need interns, so if you want to learn my version of pr, then send me a resume and your interests and contact information. send them to tencerpr@gmail.com

    What if you live far away from Los Angeles, New York, London?

    I have developed a style that you can be quite effective regardless of where you are currently located. You only need an internet connection, and time to put in.

    Plus, you can call me for advice any time.

    Rob Tencer
    248-808-2270 cell in the USA

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