• Saturday, February 14, 2009

    boy and girl teens wishes come true as disney starts a new channel

    It used to be that there was only room for one hannah montanna on the disney channel, and only one selena gomez, that was until boys and girl teens dreams came true.

    Disney decided to start a new channel for boys, but that doesn't mean girls can't be on the TV programs as well.

    Now, because there is more programming for teens, there will be a greater need for talent. (the future talent can be you!)

    Saying that it plans to focus on "tween" and younger boys but include girls, the Walt Disney Company on Thursday announced the creation of Disney Xd, which will combine a cable channel offering sports and action programing with a website offering games, music and social networking. Until now, much of Disney's specialized cable programming for the 6-14-year-old set has been aimed principally at girls, with such shows as Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, the High School Musical specials, and the upcoming Jonas Brothers series. And just as Hannah Montana features a character who lives a double life as an ordinary teen and a famous rock star, Disney Xd has a show in production called Aaron Stone about a boy who leads a double life as a crime fighter.

    Start working on your skills and talents, and start making your youtube video's so we can see you working the camera.

    We will see you on a disney channel soon.

    Rob Tencer

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