• Friday, February 6, 2009

    disturbing child exploitation

    To the thousands of readers of find an agent become famous, Please do not be offended by this posting about child exploitation. The purpose is to teach you a lesson on what to look out for, when adults offer to make children famous.

    I originally became involved, because I saw a writing style that was great. It was something I was looking for on one of my many blogs, that would have kept people entertained.

    By approaching this writer without knowing anything about him and the dangers it involved, is a lesson on its own to adults as well as children. That lesson is to beware who you talk to or write to on the internet.

    After I wrote to him, to ask for his help as a blog writer, he replied:

    Rob, how do?

    You may or may not remember me. You sent me a follow-up on a comment I made on an xfactor related video clip, in which you invited me to speak as a news reporter on your website, or something to that effect.

    First of all, thank you for your offer and thank you for subscribing to my channel. However, the purpose of this email is to ascertain whether or not you would be willing to help me in my endeavors in making a certain "e-personality" I know, in getting famous. As I understand it, you specialize in such matters and therefore your input would be of great benefit.

    The talent in question has a fair fan bass on youtube already, with nearly 3000 subscribers. I genuinely think he has "what it takes" to be a well liked, entertaining "TV personality type". Simply let me know if you are interested in contributing or want to know more.

    As a valued contact of mine, I would certainly include you in gains to be made, if any, from managing the talent. Thank you for your time and any correspondence would be greatly appreciated.


    Jonathon James.

    Here is my reply: (sent 2 months after his email)


    What is the progress so far of your talented individual? Do you still think I may be of assistance?


    Lastly, here is the final reply from Jonathon, that either was a cruel joke, or a child exploitation with sexuality thrown in. Either way, it is very important to be disturbed by this email and to stay as far away as you can from people like Jonathon.

    Hi Rob. Thanks for reply. I am currently pushing him to continue gaining exposure through youtube. This seemed logical having given that he's gained a sizable fan base through on there already.

    The reason I contacted you was to gain valuable advice on what steps to take in gaining him TV exposure. Also having given his age, 16, I thought you may know which best routes to take - maybe auditions for certain TV programs etc?

    It is probably worth mentioning that he is a gay transsexual. Would that influence his prospects? He has a keen interest on working in acting, which personally I think he would do well in, hence why Im promoting/managing him.

    I will post a link to his youtube channel below where you can see some of his work/videos. It may not be to everyones taste, however Ive seen he is well liked and has many fans, hence why Im taking a punt at promoting him. Please take a look and see what you think.


    I did not reply to this email, but if I did, it would go like this:


    While at first, I thought it was wonderful that you are helping people with becoming famous, but then, I thought about something missing, and something wrong with the picture you were painting.

    I have not heard any parental approval or mention of the teens parents permission. It is because of this lack of parents permission, that I am unable to help you.

    You are exactly the type of person I strongly warn teens and their parents about. Especially using sexuality to help promote a teenager.

    Unless I hear from the parents of the the teen to the otherwise, I would appreciate if you don't communicate with me any more, and please don't ask me for help with your child sexual exploitations.

    I am disgusted that you would seek my help, for something that I am so much against.

    I am against any exploitation of children, because as a parent I would never want it done to my own children either, and it is just wrong.

    Rob Tencer

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