• Sunday, February 8, 2009

    slumdog millionaire cast of children discarded during award season

    Slumdog millionaire is the breakout movie of the year, and is making celebrities of the cast, as they are paraded through the award season. The studio decided to only parade the adult cast members while the children of the movie were left behind in india.

    This is just as important to the children who starred in the movie as it is to the adults, and this should be there time to shine with the success of slumdog millionaire.

    As a perfect introduction of the children in slumdog millionaire and to bring attention to what rob tencer is doing through his blogs and via phone by helping teens become famous all over the world.

    The studio should immediately fly into the USA the children of slumdog millionaire and:

    1. Rob Tencer will arrange to do their pr in USA
    2. Rob Tencer will arrange to bring them for:
    A. Oscars
    B. Kids choice awards
    C. Grammies
    D. A few movie premieres, such as any disney movie.

    Rob Tencer will do in one month what would take them a lifetime to reproduce.
    Rob Tencer will control the exclusives and first shots at photo shoots and
    etc... Rob Tencer will control the interviews, and the children will be the feature.

    My huntch is that the children who starred in slumdog millionaire are not coming unless by public outcry, we are allowed to bring them.

    Because they are from mumbai, I would even have them do a tour of
    chabad's around the country and especially LA.

    This is huge for every project marketed to teens.

    This will be huge for the kids who appeared in slumdog millionaire as well.

    If you the studio, say yes to this project we must contact their agents in bollywood asap to make it happen.

    Rob Tencer

    p.s. I have written a book about how to get on any TV game show like the slumdog millionaire. Write to me in A COMMENT if you want a chapter from the book to be sent to your email for free. The book cost $10

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