• Monday, February 16, 2009

    The secret to getting married when you are overweight and not as attractive as Vanessa Hudgens

    Cash in on your fame before its to late, because your window of opportunity only stays open so long. You may never get another chance.

    KayCee Stroh was constantly seen with zac efron and the cast of High School Musical during the making of the HSM movie while in Utah. Zac Efron co star Kaycee Stroh, plays Martha Cox in the high school musical movies, and was recently married to Ben Higginson in Utah. Zac Efron costar Kaycee Stroh Higginson's husband Ben Higginson is from Utah, and co-owns a video production company.

    What might be Kaycee Stroh's secret to getting married?

    1. The secret starts when you are on top of the entertainment world, with an acclaimed series of Disney TV movies, watched by most teens and tweens in America (multiple times).

    2. While on the set of disney's latest high school musical in Utah, you get the local guys all star struck and interested in you, by being seen with zac efron and vanessa hudgens and corbin bleu.

    3. Use the time, during the shooting of the movie to meet the guy, as it may never come again.

    4. The guy asks you to marry him.

    This was the perfect decision and time to make her opportunities happen as the chance may never come around again.

    So there you have it. The secret to getting married. Remember to use the opportunities given you because projects as big as HSM and hanging out with zac efron on a daily basis don't happen often.

    KayCee Stroh did the perfect thing by cashing in on her fame while she was a hot property. There is much to learn from this, and I hope you really understand what I am trying to teach you.

    Rob Tencer

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    Anonymous said...

    Whoa there, what could this girl have possibly done to you that warranted consecutive blog entries? Really, have you met her? I'd love to know.

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