• Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    zac efron costar kaycee stroh gives inspiration to overweight and unattractive teens and builds their self confidence

    zac efron HSM costar Kaycee Stroh

    Zac Efron costar Kaycee Stroh - the "biggest" star of High School Musical, should give you confidence in knowing that if an overweight size 20 and unattractive girl can become a big TV and Movie star, that you can too.

    Build your self confidence knowing that Kaycee Stroh did it.

    All you really need is self confidence, being at the right place at the right time and some type of talent or skill. zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh was not the right age to play the part of a disney high school musical teen, but she won over the director with her extraordinary talents.

    While zac efron costar Kacee Stroh is much older than a real life high school student, she has become a role model to "bigger" girls, and anyone who lacks self esteem or self confidence because of the way they look, or something they feel ashamed enough to let that stop them from realizing the potential that their big idol Kaycee Stroh realized in getting the role of her life in the disney high school musical.

    Just how "big" of an actress is zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh?

    When zac efron costar kaycee stroh was growing up and involved with dance as a youth , her mother "had to buy two costumes and sew them together", Stroh reportedly recalled in an interview for People Magazine.

    How old or how young do you have to be to act?

    If zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh's reported age is correct, she auditioned for high school musical at the age of 19. Its possible to say she didn't actually start acting in the disney tv high school musical until she was aged 20.

    How thin, skinny or bony do you have to be to get on a disney tv show?

    zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh's weight peaked at 210 pounds, and she is only 5'2.
    zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh should also be the inspiration for overweight teens that want to be healthier and happier, because of her ability to lose weight and go from a size 20 to a size 14.

    You don't need to be skinny and petit to get on a disney tv show.

    zac efron costar Kaycee Stroh reportedly did not lose the weight to fit in the norms of what hollywood thinks you should look like. zac efron costar Kacee Stroh reportedly said "I truly believe that sexy doesn't have a waist size".

    For Kaycee Stroh's diet tips and a video of her people magazine photo shoot, click here!

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