• Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Talent Agent Tamara Markowitz is looking for you if...

    In the past few years Rob Tencer has written about a Children's Talent Agent named Tamara Markowitz, who gets her clients work in TV, Film, and Commercials.

    At one point she called to ask me to stop giving her name out to my readers, because the phone was non stop. She also asked that I not give out her email, because she could not keep up with all the children calling to become famous.

    This month, I noticed in my email box, that once again this Children's Talent Agent Tamara Markowitz was once again asking for leads.

    Tamara Markowitz is searching for Bilingual children ages 6 to 12 must be reading you can email me at tmtalent@aol.com with your name and your experiences and maybe a Youtube video of your talent.

    In February, 2009 Tamara was looking for identical triplets and identical twins for some projects. She may or not still be looking for you.

    Note: bilingual means - English and Spanish. I think??

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