• Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    disney channel is looking to cast more kids ASAP

    disney channel orders "dance dance chicago" pilot, and needs to cast kids in a hurry for a january 2010 production start date.

    Kids are needed to be cast in a new comedy series on the disney channel, which centers around 2 kids working as back up dancers on a dance TV show. The casting is going on now to not only fill the 2 main kids of the show, but many other kids as well.

    Disney is increasing its series on the disney channel of shows with a music theme such as hannah montanna starring miley cyrus and a cast of teens, jonas starring the jonas bros and a cast of other teens, phineas and furb the animated series starring many teens.

    chris thompson is writing dance dance chicago, as well as executive producing.

    We will be posting more about casting for the disney channel's dance dance chicago soon

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    Anonymous said...

    where are the casting calls?

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