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    I want to be a star on the disney channel

    Every kid under 18, and some over 18 at some point in their lives dreams of wanting to be a star on the disney channel. While it is not impossible, and some do make it, I get asked over and over if I can help them attain their dreams. Here is a conversation with a teen named chase, who might have what it takes to make it. I am offering advice that many of you may use to also attain your dreams of being a disney star.

    Hi Chase,

    I remember going to a movie premiere for something like cinderalla
    stories but with the vega girl, and seeing all these kids who I thought to myself, will never be in another movie, and I was so happy that the premiere was such a wonderful experience. The after party was like a giant amusement park. I think the point is that every kids movie and every kid has an expiration date when they are no longer kids.

    I had several clients that got a special agent for voice over work and got booked regularly for disney, nick, abc, fox, cartoon network, etc...

    Work on your voice as well and don't only say you look like a mix of zac and ashton.

    Imdbpro.com offers a trial membership. You type in a name like demi lovato and it gives her agent, manager, publicist, lawyer and everything she has ever been on or done. I also offer contact info at no charge on my blog find an agent become famous

    I could not tell from your conversation with demi lovato if it was really her, as there are many imposters on the internet. The information you requested is readily available, and you kept asking her and she kept avoiding answering.

    Is your tape / reel you gave to disney on youtube?

    You need to get it on youtube asap. Send me the link to the youtube video once its up.

    The photoshoot of you with the military style jacket was best. Also you need to photoshop the photo of you with your shirt off because you have a farmers tan, which means only your arms are tan. And it makes you look unprofessional or a redneck dork, unless that is what you are going for? (Ashton?)

    Ashton was also a model, so do another photo shoot in a fitted suit, or
    something fancy and not with a "t-shirt", perhaps try modeling, since you keep saying you look like ashton. Learn how to walk a runway like a model, and audition before fashion week in LA or NY.

    I could get you a couple auditions.

    One of my clients did a movie in your city with steven segal. Occasionally they make movies in your city. Do you know any casting agencies in your town?

    You say you just turned 18. Are you considering college? Were you offered any type of scholarship academically or for sports?

    Are you moving to LA? Or NY?

    To follow your dream and passions will be a major sacrifice, to move away from friends and family, and it will be difficult not working and only go on one audition after another. Rejection is tough, but happens to everyone.
    I don't' say to give up, but mention reality.

    One suggestion would be to get an agent that reps a big teen star and have them place you in the movie in any part, even non speaking as part of the other teens contract. That is why you go after the big agents, because they have power like that.

    Small agents have their quality as well. They don't put others before you. They fight for you, because they need to.

    More thoughts later,

    Rob Tencer


    The reason you need an agent is to get sent to auditions.

    It is possible through a couple websites to find your own auditions (breakdowns) and try to arrange to attend the audition, although usually you need an agent to attend.


    (Note: these will only help if you live in LA or NY)

    Also get,

    The websites are not that expensive and sometimes are needed as a backup for when your agent does not know about an audition that you think you would be perfect for.

    The agreement is that you give your agent a percentage of every job you get, even if your agent did not get you the audition.

    I am not an agent, I am not a manager.

    I am a publicist with connections.

    Rob Tencer


    You said you have an agent in your town... but Does your agent subscribe to the breakdowns?

    I'm moving to L.A. in January. I will live in my car if I have to. I'm too dedicated to just wait.

    Good Luck!

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    Unknown said...

    hey i always wanted to be a star iam 10 but i just don't no where to go for help so i did research and found u ill call u some day and mabey you will make my dream come ture.
    from:a kid that wants to be famous.

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