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    Teen TV show casting on Nickelodean and Teen Nick

    Casting for new teen TV show on nickelodean is still going on, even though the pilot episode was completed and will air February 21st, 2010. Findanagentbecomefamous.com spots any casting for teens and lets you know about it.

    School Gyrls centers on a real-life, multi-talented teen pop group discovered by Nick Cannon consisting of 15-year old Mandy Rain; 15-year-old Jacquelyn Rae Pyles aka Jacque Nimble; and 16-year-old Monica Parales aka Mo Money.

    The teen movie, will feature teen popsters the School Gyrls, discovered by Cannon, and guest appearances from Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Angie Stone, Pete Wentz and Kristinia DeBarge.

    “This isn’t ‘High School Musical!’” says one character in “School Gyrls”, But Nick Cannon says the smash Disney hit and even Fox’s “Glee” were inspiration, along with Josie and the Pussycats.

    He even teamed up with Archie Comics for a School Gyrls comic book series and a junior novelization is coinciding with the film’s release. The group’s debut album and a tour are expected in the Spring. Their first single, “Something Like a Party,” was just released to iTunes and AmazonMP3. “Young people and people in general really want good music and fun entertainment,” he says.

    School Gyrls will premiere on Nickelodeon Feb. 21st, then air on TeenNick the following night.

    "For me, the movie has an appeal like 'Glee,' " Cannon told The Post. "It has that poppy look but it's a way to do a young teen musical that's a little hipper than the ones you may have seen."

    In the movie, the School Gyrls (Mandy Rain, Jacque Nimble, Mo Money) play students at an exclusive all-girls academy who meet each other in detention, bond, and hatch a plan that unfolds at the school dance.

    “I had been a part of a bunch of different talent searches for young people in the past and I’d seen thousands of really talented kids,” Cannon said. “So I was like ‘Maybe if I grabbed three of those girls that I had auditioned for other projects and put them together and create this group, it could be something really special. We haven’t seen something like that in the music industry in a while.”

    The result is School Gyrls, a pop/dance trio made up of 15-year old Mandy Rain, 15-year-old Jacquelyn Rae Pyles aka Jacque Nimble, and 16-year-old Monica Parales aka Mo Money. “These three uber-talented young ladies sing, dance, rap, act, just do it all,” Cannon said.

    School Gyrls really showcases Nick Cannon's knowledge of the teen demo with his discovery of these three relatable and gifted girls whose talents can live across multiple platforms. said Marjorie Cohn, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Nickelodeon.

    The premiere of School Gyrls will coincide with the release of a brand-new multimedia book series from Simon & Schuster Children's Division as well as the release of a debut album and a musical tour by the pop trio. Kicking off the School Gyrls book series is a movie novelization that will be published in this month by Simon Spotlight, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. Aladdin Books will publish six original novels based on the three girls. Additionally, the School Gyrls, signed to Cannon's NCredible Entertainment, will also embark on a 10-week cross-country tour with Cannon in spring 2010 timed to the March 23 release of their debut album on Island Records. The first single off the album, "Something Like a Party" will be available for sale digitally on Feb. 9. Cannon has also partnered with Archie Comics to introduce the School Gyrls into their iconic comic book series, with the cartoon characterization of the girls being introduced into Archie issue #607 which will hit newsstands nationwide on March 24 and be available for download on iTunes and Archie Digital.

    While the girls got a big break being discovered by nick cannon, they have taken acting classes, dance classes, and live close enough to LA / NY to audition and get some jobs.

    School Gyrls not only look the part of sweet high school students, they actually are. Consisting of Mandy Rain, Jacque (pronounced "Jackie"), and Monica, the three young pop stars have major charisma and talent. Under the guidance of Nick Cannon, the group officially formed in November 2008 and have been hard at work ever since. They made their television debut as the School Gyrls with Nick Cannon on the season finale of E!'s TV show Party Monsters in Cabo San Lucas in January 2009 and have been busy recording their forthcoming debut album. Though barely old enough to drive, these young ladies are seasoned professionals with over twenty years of acting, singing and dancing experience combined. All are professionally trained triple threats and have each appeared in countless print and TV ad campaigns, music videos and performed as dancers for a variety of live stage shows. At the heart of all of it though, they are still sassy teenage girls who share a love for shopping, fashion and roller coasters.

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