• Monday, December 13, 2010

    miley cyrus is not your role model

    Do not try to be like miley cyrus, because she is a bad role model, and can seriously hurt you if you do what she does.

    If you are a teen or tween, you must understand that what miley cyrus did was careless, reckless and wrong.

    miley cyrus and disney tricked you into thinking miley cyrus was safe to watch, safe to want to be like her.

    While you cannot be watched at all times, and your parents cannot be with you at all times, and your parents cannot protect you at all times,

    it is up to you, to make the right decisions in life.

    miley cyrus made the wrong decisions in life, but it hurt our children more than her.

    miley cyrus, could have easily been raped, abused or killed after getting high of her own doing.

    miley cyrus could have over dosed or reacted in a way that could have killed her.

    People that miley cyrus considered to be close friends, video taped her, made her look foolish and exposed her to try to blackmail her after the fact, to make the incident go away. The video did not go away, and all efforts for damage control were of no use. Now, her publicist must wait and see and react and respond to the damage.

    You should not only look at the damage to your life, the risk you take, but the company of friends in which you keep.

    If you saw the video of miley cyrus, than you should learn the dangers of doing drugs. The danger that you cannot trust the people around you, and you cannot know how the drug will affect you.

    Stay away from drugs and stay away from miley cyrus. miley cyrus cannot be trusted to look out for you, and above all do not say I want to be like miley cyrus, because she is not a good role model. The trust is shattered.

    If you agree with me or disagree with me, than let me know! write to me in the comments.

    Rob Tencer


    Anonymous said...

    you a bitch

    Anonymous said...

    DISAGREE! Miley Cyrus is a great role model for teenagers everywhere. Everyone has made mistakes in their life, and miley apoligised for the "bong tape". Miley has also never done half the things the papers say, as they have exploited it, to make her seem worse than she actually is. So please, leave Miley Cyrus alone, because she is just a young girl too, who doesnt need all this hate.

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