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    How to become famous when your pilot may not be picked up

    How to become famous when your pilot may not be picked up.

    You made the decision in life to move to Los Angeles or New York City, go to acting classes, and on auditions every day. You finally got the call back because you nailed the audition, beating out 500 people that act and look more beautiful than you. (a reality)

    The call back was for a network show (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) and the studio green lighted a pilot episode to be made. The casting director selected a group of well known actors and actresses to cost host with you to try an insure the pilot does well and has a built in audience.

    Is the above work enough for the pilot to get picked up and make you famous?
    Some factors to improve the chances for the pilot to succeed are:
    • Will the network debut the pilot with a strong lead in show?
    If the network really gets behind the pilot and decides to show the it after Dancing with the stars or American Idol or something else with a huge audience, than the first episode pilot may be rewarded with an order for more episodes.
    • Will you be returning in your role for the new episodes or was this a one time only part?
    To increase your chances of becoming part of the regular cast, its important to start working on publicity for yourself early enough to try to change the writers and the studios minds of what you can offer the show with your built in fan base.
    • Will the pilot episode of a hit show be enough to make you famous?
    After the pilot is made and before it airs, you can begin your public relations campaign to make yourself famous. The sooner you start your PR campaign the more you can benefit from your work as an actress/actor to make you famous.
    • How do you start your press campaign to become famous?
    1. Bring your own camera or phone/cam to the set and get photos with the leads
    2. Make sure the IMDB page about the pilot lists your name in the cast
    3. Get some photo shoots done while in your pilot's character, or in a character you want to be known for.
    4. Send the photo's to entertainment magazines and blogs with a press release about the new show. Offer to do interviews.
    Since your pilot is not about making large amounts of money, do not concentrate on this aspect and instead, you should concentrate on using this experience to become famous.

    Even if the pilot is not picked up, the amount of BUZZ you just unleashed into the universe will only help on your way to becoming famous.

    Unlike reality stars like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, that had to make sex tapes to get anyone to notice them, you are a real star, with a network pilot to your name. You should be proud of yourself.

    While a celebrity public relations company like Rob Tencer Public Relations can help take you to the next level, there is much you can do on your own to become famous.
    If money is not an issue, then feel free to contact Rob Tencer PR. However, if you have no money, than you can always email Rob Tencer Public Relations asking for a little help and advice.

    Good Luck becoming famous

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