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    How to become a famous dentist

    Find an agent become famous and rob tencer tackle all requests on how to become famous. While this next request to become famous might seem off topic, if you think about it, everyone deserves the chance to become famous.

    How to become a famous dentist:

    While it seems like everyone wants to become famous, and even doctors are consulting with rob tencer on how to become a famous dentist, or another specialty doctor, few have seemed to conquer becoming a famous doctor or dentist.

    (this post/article is not about a criminal expose on 60 minutes or about getting famous for being on a reality tv series, or becoming a dentist expert on a morning TV show)

    (this post was a request from an encino dentist who wanted to learn how to become a famous dentist in encino, california. The encino dentist performs cosmetic implants in encino, wants to be known as the best dentist in encino. The dentist in encino also wants the celebrities to know, they have a place to get teeth whitening in encino.)

    Enough about the encino dentist, and now on to the rest of the post for becoming a famous dentist.

    While paparazzi camp outside of plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons offices in beverly hills, they are not always interested in the doctors as much as they are in the doctors famous patients.

    some facts about celebrity patients

    It is a known fact that beautiful people that have god given genetics, sometimes work harder at keeping their beauty, than average looking people. This high maintenance regimen requires trips to the beauty salon for hair, tanning, manicure / pedicure, skin care treatments, facials, eyebrows, hair removal, as well as having beautiful healthy looking white teeth.

    If all celebrities need a good dentist for small and large dental work, how come there aren't any really famous dentists, besides the ones who hire a publicist to make them famous dentists?

    reasons a celebrity might need a dentist

    1. teeth whitening (remember the teeth whitening dentist encino?)
    2. teeth straightening
    3. porcelain veneers
    4. root canal
    5. teeth cleaning
    6. fillings / cavities
    7. crowns
    8. teeth chipping
    9. dentures
    10. cosmetic implants (remember the cosmetic implants dentist encino?)

    how to become a famous dentist

    now that we learned that celebrities need dental work as much as non famous people, and like anything else, a famous person as a patient, can transform a regular dentist into a famous dentist, that is if the dentist gets the word out, whom he/she is treating.

    Q. How does paparazzi find out about the following specifics?
    a. the location and time of the celebrities visit?
    b. the dentists name, that the celebrity is visiting?
    c. which celebrity is visiting the dentist?

    A. Someone from the dentists office calls to tip off paparazzi.
    While patient privacy laws (hippa) exist, a staff member could be paid well by the entertainment news agency for the celebrity tip, unknown to the dentist, and not as an employee of the dentists office with a given task to call.

    Another patient could also be the culprit behind telling the paparazzi, but this is highly doubtful, as its big business to be known as a famous dentist, who treats celebrities.

    Another means of getting the valuable celebrity introductions, is to offer services for free and to give out certificates in gift bags at celebrity events. While not every celebrity would go for this gimmick, it may land a few b-listers, c-listers and lower.

    While an agent or manager or someone related to a celebrity could also give a referral to a dentist, this is probably the way that most come to the dentist.

    Besides offering care to the celebrities, a dentist can also offer free care to the press, paparazzi, and maybe even bloggers, in exchange for free press. this might be a good technique to get on the radar.

    Offering care to victims, children, reality stars with bad teeth, might also land a spot on the news, or in front of the right people. It all helps in becoming a famous dentist.

    A publicist can usually work magic, and create scenarios that are media worthy. it might be well worth the publicists fees, to become a famous dentist.

    Other techniques to become a famous dentist include

    Offering charity dental care to a celebrities charity project, in exchange for a photo opportunity, or the celebrities involvement with the dental care and photos of the event, with the dentist, will go long ways in swaying the public, on how thoughtful and caring the dentist might be.
    charities that would make great photos might include, children, battered women, senior citizens, etc.

    Hiring an internet specialist, to control google searches with the dentists name at the top, will also help make the dentist famous.

    What if you are a dentist located outside NY or LA?

    If you are a dentist, and located outside los angeles or new york, you are really out of luck. If you are located in a city like encino, it is still well within range of los angeles, and many celebrities live closer to encino (the valley) than do in los angeles. This could be great for the encino dentist who wants celebrity clients. If you are not as lucky as those dentists who have offices in los angeles or new york or vicinities, you can still get in on the same thing the best encino dentist is doing, if by chance a movie is shooting on location near your dentist office. This may increase your chances greatly, because you may be lucky enough at working on the film, and getting to the celebrity. If this is the case, then using the charity advice given above, might be your best bet at getting the celebrities to notice you, and getting the photos and national attention you need to make you a famous dentist.

    Through the advice given in this post, a dentist can now know how to become a famous dentist.

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