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    how to become a famous lawyer

    Find an agent become famous and rob tencer tackle all requests on how to become famous. While this next request to become famous might seem off topic, if you think about it, everyone deserves the chance to become famous.

    How to become a famous lawyer:

    Some actors become famous for the legal roles they portray on TV and in movies as a lawyer, expert witness, attorney or even working at a law firm on the tv show or movie, but because these lawyers are so convincingly good at it, they become typecasted throughout their careers. This typecasting is both a blessing and a curse.

    It can be a blessing to be a famous lawyer, because you may be offered a long standing role as a spokesman/spokeswoman for an investment company, bank, insurance company or a company who requires a great deal of trust, when it comes to handling other peoples money. This type of job, could bring more money and continued fame, from being on TV, print ads and billboards, and may well mean becoming a more famous lawyer than their whole career combined.

    Some famous TV lawyers include: perry mason (raymond burr), LA LAW, Law and Order, The Practice, Franklin and Bash, Suits, Boston Legal, Murphy's Law, Night Court, and the list could go on endlessly.

    Most of this list were long standing shows that went on for many seasons, and some are still going on. Every crime drama requires a criminal attorney, district attorney DA, and others so there are many more famous lawyers that I can even detail, but all these shows made the actors famous lawyers.

    A real lawyer on the other hand whom wants to be a famous lawyer, might have either a more difficult or much easier time depending on a few factors which involves the cases these attorneys work on.

    To be a famous lawyer, you must have one or all of the following:

    1. a high profile client (celebrity, beauty queen, billionaire, world leader)

    2. a high profile case (mass murder, ponzi scheme, atrocities against all humankind)

    3. a case that never seems to end

    4. cases involving a child's gruesome death or disappearance (kidnapping, dismemberment, school killing)

    5. case involving someone on FBI'S most wanted list.

    6. legal review on morning TV or a news channel (i.e. CNN, FOX, CNBC)

    7. lawyer credited with freeing wrongfully convicted man/woman

    8. attorney credited with freeing a person who the public feels is guilty of the crime.

    9. District Attorney of a big city, with big cases.

    10. the amount won in a case, if big enough and not a closed settlement can also make a lawyer famous.

    11. If you look like a famous actor Vincent D'Onofrio and practice criminal law in Detroit, Michigan.

    12. If you buy almost every billboard in town, or at least the billboards in high traffic areas.

    13. TV advertisements, also splashes your name and face in front of people, and makes you seem more familiar, popular and famous to people in your target city.

    With this kind of exposure, an unknown lawyer before the case, will surely become a household name and a famous attorney after or during the case.

    How did I do, tackling how to be a famous lawyer? Tell me by commenting below, and thank you for your honest opinions.

    (Did I leave your favorite law show or movie out of my post? Let me know)

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