• Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    How to become famous by getting an agent now

    ​ How to become famous? Get an agent now!
    Exclusive offer, you can't refuse: find an agent become famous will now give you the immediate ability to not only find an agent, but to actually get an agent from this blog. This special offer that partially answers "How to become famous?" is not a free service, but it is guaranteed or your money back. If you are serious about your career, than this offer is for you.

    How to become famous: The simplified approach

    By taking out the incredibly difficult task of of you having to find an agent and convince them to represent you, and instead using our resources and connections, you save valuable time and money. You will be closer to your goal of becoming famous much sooner.

    We always wrote that we have the connections to help you, and now we are putting even more of our closest connections to use, by actually getting you a talent agent.

    Are you ready for a talent agent?

    Do you think you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood?

    Do you want to become famous?

    For the past several years, Rob Tencer has been offering free help, advice, and listings from talent agents, talent managers as well as casting directors from all over the world, to help you succeed in becoming famous. Rob Tencer built a trust with his visitors, not based on taking anything from them, but of only giving. There has never been a charge for any advice or help, until now. Rob Tencer's find an agent become famous blog continues to build your trust, and continues to help you, by getting you a talent agent. (Based on your specific talents.) The site will remain free to use, and to learn from, but some special offers will not be free.

    You must read and agree with this disclaimer:

    If you are under 18 years of age, you must have adult supervision when completing the form below, and you must have your parents approval for completing the purchase. (We recommend adult supervision before talking to any adult online).

    When you complete the form below, we will call you. There is no charge for this consultation, and you can ask any questions concerning the agent we will provide you with. We will not reveal the name of your new agent, until after your purchase.

    Please note: we are not agents, nor managers and provide this service from our many connections in the entertainment business. If we cannot provide you with an agent within 90 days, a full refund will be made. This blog was built on trust, and we intend to continue the trust we have built between our visitors.

    Your road to becoming famous, starts with us getting you an agent, but before we can get you an agent, we require that you answer the following questions first, so we can customize the perfect agent for you and your career in the entertainment business.

    When you have completed the form above, we also need your head shot (a photo of your face), and any other photos you want to send us. Please send us an email to: tencerpr [at] gmail.com so we work on getting you an agent, so you can become famous.

    After you have completed the form above, and after our private consultation with you, the person calling you will explain the fee we charge. Remember to continue reading find an agent become famous. I care about helping you become famous, and now I can show how much I care more than ever.

    Are you excited to get your agent? I am so excited to begin helping you become famous!

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