• Friday, September 2, 2011

    Tola was discovered at 13 years old and became famous

    Rob Tencer is just now finding out about a girl prodigy named "Tola", who became famous at around 13 years old with her group blog 27.

    Better late than never, that we found out about Tola, even though she is a superstar in europe for several years. She is no longer 13 years old, but has grown in the music business and is finally trying to invade the USA at 18 years old and become famous here.

    find an agent become famous, has requested an interview with tola, so if anyone who wants to become famous as a teen, has any questions you would like me to ask this european superstar, send in your questions asap.

    - At the age of 14 Tola toured the world with Tokio Hotel.

    - Tola's album reached double Platinum sales and ranked #1 on MTV Maxx charts.

    - Tola's hit "Cute (I'm NOt Cute)" has 3.4 Million views on youtube.

    TOLA on wikipedia

    TOLA's website/facebook

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