• Friday, September 27, 2013

    Why is miley cyrus a bad role model?

    Why is miley cyrus a bad role model?

    miley cyrus is a terrible role model because she broke our trust.
    miley cyrus broke the trust she had, by using her disney squeaky clean
    image, and throwing it in the garbage without informing us.
    miley cyrus traded in kid friendly, disney safe way of life for
    one of sin. I guess the signs were developing when she was video taped with a bong,
    when her girlfriends made her a bob marley cake, when she started sleeping and living with her boyfriend,
    when we first started seeing very public and visible tattoo's all over her body.
    when her parents stopped being vocal and a part of her life.
    when miley cyrus started appearing nude, topless in fashion magazines.
    in wrecking ball, miley cyrus is into copying lana delray vocal style and maybe some elle goulding.
    in wrecking ball, miley builds on her new image, by showing everyone it was not only a rumor.
    what we are missing here is the publicity machine that was used to transition miley from
    a child star to an adult star. because this is a hollywood publicity machine, I am not certain
    if miley cyrus tattoo's are fake and strictly for shock value, if the haircut is also strictly for shock value
    if the bright red lipstick is for shock value?

    the short hair with red lipstick was already done with huge success by madonna, so it
    only goes to be used in the hollywood publicity playbook to copy things that worked in the past.

    while madonna pushed the button of the catholic church,miley is pushing the parents buttons.
    miley cyrus is going up against family values, by destroying the child parent bonds.

    will children and young adults see through this lady gaga shock value publicity stunt, and abandon
    her for playing with the media.

    while twerking might have been a black thing, or with heavy set girls, or girls with a big behind, miley cyrus has stolen whatever
    it used to mean, to not only own the word twerking, but to milk it for publicity.

    miley, there is not much left to shock us with, that is allowable in public.

    bangerz may have been a gang phrase, but miley cyrus is also claiming ownership of your urban and gang vocabulary.

    I would love to hear from you,

    A pissed off parent

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