• Friday, July 24, 2015

    How to be famous in 2015 like Justin Bieber

    Here's part 2 of how to be famous in 2015

    How did Justin Bieber get famous?

    It's now coming to light, that even someone as famous as Justin Bieber, who was discovered after he uploaded videos to youtube and gained millions of views and millions of fans, was in fact connected with a company that was responsible for at least some of the millions of views on youtube for each of his youtube videos. While the company Rapid Discovery Media deleted their website and tried to cover their tracks, they could not hide.

    While many of the overall youtube views are real for Justin Bieber and his videos, there was a tipping point that took a video and made it go viral. Youtube at the time, would recognize the extremely high views and place the video on the main page of youtube as a featured video, as well as suggested videos and pace the video on the sidebar of everyone elses videos.

    The methods used to get the Justin Bieber videos to the viral level of views can no longer be duplicated, but this doesn't stop others from trying to gain fame from Youtube videos.

    Don't lose hope on becoming famous for your youtube videos, as other techniques have become available, utilizing real people and computer programs that will get you to the viral level quickly.

    Other techniques have also come to light about seeking out influencers and having them promote your videos, and social media accounts with vine, twitter, facebook, instagram,snapchat.

    I was questioning whether to black out the links in the images that lead to these systems and people who can help you get famous, or leave them alone. Since this blog is about becoming famous, I left everything that might help you get famous.

    What is an influencer?

    An influencer is someone who has a huge following on social media that others percieve to have influence. The influencer might also have a certain amount of fake freinds or followers, but enough real ones to maintain the influencer status.

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