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    How did drew barrymore become famous?

    Drew Barrymore did not become famous as a child star because of her family being in the industry. She had no breaks that any other kid could get, if they had their mother or father take them to an open casting call. So the real story for her becoming famous, was that her mother took her to a casting, and because of her audition, she got the part.

    A job interview came up and Jaid was persuaded to take Drew along to a Hollywood sound stage teeming with kids and parents hopeful that their spawn would soon be the face of Gainsburger's puppy food.. When it came to her turn, Drew was plonked on a white cloth in a huge room, the crew awaiting her reaction when the starring puppy was sent in. She was delighted, chuckling and burbling while the dog licked and nuzzled her. Suddenly the puppy turned and bit her, causing the Gainsburger people to pale at the inevitable law suit. Drew, however, burst into an impossibly charming gale of laughter. The crew were relieved and wholly taken by this extraordinary little girl. She was hired, taking home a very tasty $2500.

    I found out about how she became famous while doing research on Drew Barrymore and her drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

    Once you become famous as a child star, its hard to return to a normal life. The new friends you make may become enablers and even teach you wrong things that could make you sick or get you killed. Some of them will become your friends because of how famous or how wealthy you are. Drew biggest problem in her mind was the jealousy of her being rich and famous.

    I have always recommended that you watch out for who you seek help from for becoming famous, and always do it with permission from your parents.

    Even though Drew wrote a book on her life story, she ended the book with a lie. She said she was no longer an addict, even though she had relapsed and became worse.

    Thanks to lori cerasoli, her sober companion, whom kept drew alive.

    Her mother was pleased for the money, quickly setting up an account into which most of Drew's earnings would from henceforth be paid. Still, Jaid could not prevent herself from feelings twinges of jealousy. Not only had Drew been accepted, praised and paid while she herself was regularly rejected, Jaid had also, she later claimed, missed out on one particular audition due to her being unable to find a babysitter one day.  The part was for Princess Leia in Star Wars.

    Drew must have nagged her mother non stop, because her mother finally gave in, and started helping her become an actress at 4 years old. The year was 1979, and her mom took her to find an agent. At first Drew and her mother were only interested in being in commercials, so her mom looked for an agent for commercials and advertising. Her mom found JJ Harris, who'd immediately got her casted in 4 commercials. One of the 4 was for Pilsbury chocolate chip cookies where Drew would come in from the rain and her ever-lovin' mum would make biscuits to cheer her up. "Bake the magic" ran the syrupy copy. Though, as said, she was still only 4, Drew had inadvertently made one of the best moves of her life. A former school teacher who'd earlier won a job as accounting secretary at William Morris, the perky, boisterous and hugely enthusiastic JJ Harris would quickly rise up through the company, later moving on to InterTalent and the United Talent Agency, looking after the likes of Kevin Costner and Charlize Theron. Throughout, she'd play a vital part in Barrymore's success and her successful reinventions.

    Having proved herself as a serial stealer of advertisers' hearts, Barrymore now took a tilt at the cinematic big-time when she auditioned for Altered States, the latest from the controversial director Ken Russell. To audition for two girls to play William Hurt's daughters in the movie, Russell sat some forty girls in a semi-circle and began to question them. Soon this inquisition became a one-to-one between Russell and Barrymore and she duly won the part of the elder daughter. The film would see Hurt as a Harvard academic who becomes obsessed with human consciousness and race memory, his experiments with Mexican hallucinogenics and sensory deprivation tanks becoming ever more dangerous as he seeks his primal self. His obsession causes problems in his marriage to Blair Brown and she leaves him, taking their two daughters, only to return for the fabulously spacey climax. Barrymore would make her first big screen appearance alongside Hurt taking a pushbike up a hilly street.

    Rob Tencer cares about your safety, and wants to make it clear once again, that you should be careful if you want to be a famous child star like drew barrymore. Always have your parents permission when contacting adults online, and have your parents supervision when you talk with them.

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